How do they measure lo's feet?

Just wondering cos am planning on getting Charlotte measured on Friday either for crawling or cruiser shoes. I'm assuming they use a manual measurer? She's a bugger with her feet and just kicks if you try and do anything with them.

I will be going to Clarks and I'm sure they are used to lo's not wanting their feedt measured. How did you occupy your lo when they were having theirs done?


  • They are really good in clarks they have this handheld measure. They usually get you to sit your lo on your lap and they have quite a good grip on their feet. try taking a favorite toy or book to dsitract her.

  • I used to work for Clarks when I was at uni. It is usually a handheld measurer and you get very used to children who kick out so don't worry! x
  • i work in clarks measuring kids feet, we use a hand held measure its really quick. make sure lo is wearing socks.
    stores usually have toys to keep kids occupied.

    im very used to kicks!!! :lol:


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