bloody men!

in particular my oh! We both drive but only have 1 car so we decided i would have the car every weds and he would take the train to work. Well 2day i had a docs appt and was going to visit my mum but as i was getting ready the phone rang, it was hubby saying he'd got the car keys, he'd forgot they were in his pocket! so i have a car but no way of driving it! grrrr! lol. This is the same man who last week went to catch the train home (bearing in mind he does it every week and its only a ten min journey) and got on the wrong train and ended up an hour in the opposite direction in Wales!! He is quite often in his own little world - can men blame it on baby brain? lol!!


  • lol @ ur OH. hope u get to ur docs ok xx
  • he is so dizzy at times! had to cancel my docs appt again (2nd time now!) hey ho! xx
  • Lol, i think men get baby brain more than we do! My oh has got his drivin test 2day n we found out yesterday that we cant put him on the insurance coz i've got a female only policy n it would be over ??200 2 change it n i'd lose this years no claims! Looks like i'll be keepin the car 2 myself hee hee! X
  • Double post, sorry x

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  • you poor thing do you not have a spare set of keys, we have 4 sets for out car and only hubby can drive x
  • i just need to say men grrrr with u!! thats how i feel today lol hope u get to docs ok and try not to look at the car whilst youre walking past!! lol xxx
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