Anyone else swaddle their babies at night? How old did you swaddle them until, and how did you get them out of it? Oscar is swaddled at night, he is 11 weeks. I think it makes him know the difference between a nap sleep and a long sleep, as (touch wood lol) he is a very good sleeper at night and has been from an early age. I'm not planning on stopping yet, but i am wondering when i do, if there is a way to go about it, as he won't settle himself at night without being swaddled, and i'm dreading not doing it any more!!

Steph xx


  • lol Lynne, someone asked me when i was going to stopp swaddling Oscar, and i said 'when he's 16!!' :lol:
  • Were swaddling Faye it definitely makes the difference when she is windy or upset.... Last night she was unsettled at bedtime but soon as she was swaddled and had dummy she went straight off. Have been thinking of using her sleeping bag now she is 7lb 9 but she is quite active with her arms whilst she is asleep, so may stick with swaddling for abit longer
  • I tried him in his sleeping bag, but his arms kept waking him up when he'd stir and whack himself in the face! I sometimes consider swaddling Oscar for his daytime naps but i'm worried he'd sleep for too long, or get confused with day and night, as swaddling is part of our nighttime routine. He does fight his daytime naps tho, and can't settle himself, he has to have a dummy or be rocked which is a pain but i don't mind too much xx
  • MY lo is nealry 25 weeks old and we still swaddle him at night, if we dont his arms fling everywhere and he wakes up!
  • I did have my lo in bags at night but i think she is a bit cold in them so started swaddling her again. Shes 7 weeks. I do have to half swaddle her though cos she hates her arms being in. I found her a couple of times with the blanket over her face cos she had been fighting to get her arms out. I will probably carry on swaddling her until it gets warmer.
  • Riley was 5 months yesterday and is still swaddled. Like your LO he just hits himself in the face if his arms are free. No idea how to stop swaddling. xxx
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