FAO anyone whose body had a clear out pre-labour

Please help me:

Was the Diarrhoea your FIRST sign of labour?
Were you already having contactions/pains or anything?
Did ou feel unwell whilst it was happening or was it just having to keep dashing to the loo?

I know it's gross but please tell me and help me out!



  • My clear out starting first, then the pains, I did keep going to the loo for ages even as the pains got worse. So pleased I had the clear out to saving pooing during labour!
  • Mine started after i was having contractions and i could barely get up off the toilet :lol: xx
  • Mine with my pregnancy with Jacob wasn't very severe but I was going to the loo loads more often from about a week before I went into labour. And I had the runs on and off during that time. No stomach pains that I remember but I was getting strong braxton hicks from about 2 weeks before I had him. I think my main sign with Jacob was I just couldn't stop cleaning, and had to go for a long walk every evening to relax before I went to bed.

    Hope you are ok hun xx
  • Mine was when I was already having contractions - now that was fun!!!!
    I had to be induced though so don't know if it would have happened "naturally" during contractions anyway?!
    Good luck x
  • I started having contractions 1st with Rhys. With Alfie I kept having them every few days during the last few weeks though lol
  • Yep I had to keep dashing to the loo just before they started and whilst having first mild contractions. Oh what fun! Didn't feel unwell just churning stomach with first contractions. I had no other signs just felt a bit off all day.

    Do you think things might be happening or maybe you have a stomach bug? xx
  • THanks ladies this is all helpful!

    I have had SEVERE Diarrhoea for the last 24hrs now like nothing I have had before but I don't feel ill in anyway! I have had the same things to eat as my hubbie and 2yr old and they are both fine so I can't think it's food or stomach bug related but this is ridiculous!

    So I just wondered if it might be something pregnancy related.I am now totally shattered but only cos I had to get up SOOOOOOOO many times in the night to toilet Dash.

    ho hum wait and see I guess!
  • I had 2 days of very regular motions, a good 10 or more times, i has just been again when my waters broke over the looin the night! my LO came that day!

    good luck!
  • I had niggly pains with ds2 for 5 hours before i had my claer out. I was stuck on the toliet for over an hour. I couldn't stop weeing either and felt really sick. However I started having contractions during this time and ds2 was born less than 6 hours later.

    Good luck!
  • oooh ooh oooh ooh!!!!!

    Yes me me me!!!

    I woke up at Midnight with chronic stomach ache - you know the type where you know something has upset your tummy and you're gonna get the trots! That kind of tummy ache!

    I went FOUR times in the space of about 45-mins. No sooner had I got back in bed I was back in the loo again.

    I was also pee-ing loads which was actually probably not pee but my waters going.

    It stopped after an hour or so, and then I started getting period pain cramps immediately which in turn, very quickly, turned into my contractions.

    eeeeek! exciting!!!!!!!! hugs hun! xxxxxxxxx
  • I had a few back pains before having to run to the loo! I remember being half dressed on the downstairs loo, on the phone to my mum (who was up eating cornflakes at 4am lol). I had Lily 2 hours later in hospital. xx
  • hhhhhhmmm - still pondering but really don't want it to be this!

    Thanks for all the answers!
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