Call me crazy...

...but missing pregnancy terribly!

I wonder if anyone else can relate?

My daughter was born on the 1st Feb. Towards the end of pregnancy I could hardly wait for her arrival... trying everything possible to naturally induce the labour! However since her arrival I have an overwelming feeling of sadness over no longer being pregnant....

I love being a Mum and chuffed to meatballs she is now in my arms, but just miss pregnancy - The bump, the anticipation, the excitment, the nesting, chatting on here.... its mad I know but I even miss the hospital visits.

Anyone else as mad as me?

(You will find this on Feb '09 forum also)


  • me! i had jayden last may and ever since been very broody did get preggers again but mc, i am now trying again! i miss EVERYTHING about being pregnant even though i moaned all the way through it lol, i felt a emptyness soon as lo was out as much as i love him and glad hes here safe and well. im mad aswell lol xx
  • i agree with brandollarz ......CRAZY!!!! LOL no honestly alot of ladies have felt jut lke you, but i was quite happy to have a baby rather than bump.
    Love fiona
  • :lol: brandollarz

    i can so relate to that aswell, i miss being pregnant so much, hated the sickness the tiredness the spd, but now in a funny kind of way i miss all those things aswell. miss the midwife appointments, feeling my tummy moving...well just everything really!! lol

  • I went thru a phase of being jealous of pg ladies not long after lo born so I know exactly what you mean.
  • Def crazy!!!
    I didn't miss it at all and was so glad my little princess was out!!
  • i kinda miss it though, as i fell preg wit dd2 when dd1 clocked 1. Now dd2 is 5mons n i miss it sumtimes but wil wait at least until dd2 is 2
  • I have to say I don't miss pregnancy - the physical part, but I liked to emotional part, like bonding more with oh etc. I felt like a whale and I didn't really like the feeling of lo squirming around in got on my nerves I was just desparate to get my body back!
  • i dont miss it one bit!!!

    not being able to put your own shoes on....loosing contact with anything and everything below your belly button, repressed appetite, no sex drive, over whelmingly emotional all the time, being kicked in the ribs at 3am, obstetric thanks, id rather have him here!! the only thing i do miss is the feeling of him moving about, and when he had hiccups....but i get cuddles and smiles now which more than makes up for that!!
  • i posted a few hours ago about it been my due date today and i gave birth to my twins 9wks ago and miss my bump,the thing is i didnt enjoy been pregnant,i was huge and could hardly walk and had spd and was on crutches but i was cheated out of 9wks of pregnancy and i miss my bump,the shock of ppl when i told them when i was due then the relife when i told them i was having twins,i miss it all :cry:

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