Nappy change - before or after feed?

Hi ladies,

My daughter is 12 days old, and we are still getting the hang of things! I wondered if you ladies could tell me at what stage you change your babies nappy?

Eva will wake up for a feed, and pretty much every time will need a change of nappy. Do you change your babies nappies before you start the feed (and have them screaming the house down until they get food?!) or, start the feed, and change the nappy during or after the feed?

Thanks ladies

Rucky and Eva 12 days


  • I would change after the feed hun

    my boys now 6 months and we follow the baby whisperer routine (only started at 5 months but so wish we had started sooner)

    the routine is called EASY which stands for Eat, Activity, Sleep, You (ie time for yourself)
    so I would put nappy change down as part of activity time

    Hth xx
  • It depends on the baby to be honest - I seem to have sicky babies, so prefer to change them before a feed, as changing straight after a feed seems to make them sick. Ds did go through a phase of pooing during every feed though, so obviously then I'd change him afterwards.
  • I always do it before purely because DD is sicky and has reflux so she's not comfy if I lie her flat after a feed, also if she is sleepy it helps to rouse her!
  • I always do it after. We also loosely followed EASY so I would feed Toby when he woke up, then change his nappy, then play until he got tired (at your LO's age she probably won't be able to stay awake for long after a feed and change) and then put him down. When he woke up we started all over again. I really didn't want to get into the habit of feeding to sleep and this worked so well for us.

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  • I always used to change before a feed. I had asked the same question to my midwife, and her reply was that I wouldn't want to eat my dinner with poo in my knickers! If she pooed during the feed, then I would change her again, if not, she generally went back to sleep.
  • I always change dd before a feed. When she was a newborn I found she was sick if I changed her bum after a feed but wasn't if I did it before. Obviously if she pooed during then I'd do it after too! Midwife told me to do it after but it just didn't work that way for us!
  • We did start doing it before a feed and still do when he wakes up for his morning feed, but more often than not we do it after his feed now.
  • After always ... sometimes a good feed can get things moving in the early days if you see what I mean!
  • oops double post!

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  • always before, LO would not take a feed with a wet/dirty nappy and i dont blame him, he would usually pop off to sleep after a feed in the early weeks too so changing would mean waking him, i also didnt like lying him straight back down after a feed as he was a sicky baby x
  • In the early days I always changed before the feed - it woke Sophie up enough to feed properly, and she'd always drop off immediately afterwards so I didn't want to wake her then.

    Now she's older I do it whenever she needs it, although I don't do it before a feed if she's hungry as she screams!
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