Cow's milk

Hi all, haven't been on for ages, LO is going to be 1 at the end of the month, where did the time go?!!!

Just wondered what was the best way to switch LO from formula to the proper stuff?

Any advice would be gratefully received!




  • Hi, I think I phased formula out by swapping 1oz of formula for 1oz of cow's milk, and did this adjusting another 1oz every night so it took about one week till my boys were fully on cows milk. That was the advice then (my boys are 5 and 2 1/2) so don't think it will've changed!?
  • i am having a big problem with this, i am still BF and want to stop when he is 1 which is in 2 weeks, tried him with cows milk and his face could of turned it sour lol!

    I dont like milk so maybe Lewis wont either, he just kinda sucks the boobie for confort now but its going to be hard stopping it especialy at night!

    thats a good idea alioli, got any advice for me lol xxx
  • Thank you for your help alioli! I'm going to start to try your method at the weekend and hopefully by next week she'll be off the powder for good. Another stupid question, how many pints of milk do you go through a day? !

  • millie went on cows milk at 10 months has hv said it would ok as she was getting enuf iron in her food as she is a guts lol i just moved her stright on to it with no problems, she has one 7oz bottle on a moring and one 7oz bottle on a night x
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