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Jaimi-Lee has a white tongue all the time. I thought it was just milk that she hadn't swallowed, but MIL said it looks like thrush!!! Is that a bad thing and could it be that? If so what can i do?

Sharon xx



  • You are a worrier aren't you?! Just like me!! That's why I'm answering all your posts as I have been through most of what you are going through!
    It is usually milk, it can make the tounge appear white but it could be thrush. Probably worth just showing that to the HV. Don't panic though!
  • Yeah i worry about everything, i check over her body constantly :lol:
    Thanks for answering me, ive just posted another question that you may know about too image :lol:

    Sharon xx

  • Hi, I just took Noah to the Dr in case he had thrush as he had a white tongue, but it turned out he didn't, it was just milk deposits. The Dr said that if it was thrush there would be white spots in his gums and the roof of his mouth too, but all he had was the white tongue. Is Jaimi-Lee bf? Dr said thrush is much more common in bf babies. If you're worried just take her to be checked out by your Dr. If it is thrush it's simple to treat with oral medicine, and if you're bf you'll need to be treated to you it doesn't get passed back to her xx
  • Hi
    A good way to tell the difference between thrush and milk is if there are white spots on the roof of the mouth (if so prob thrush). Also try to rube your finger over tongue does any come off, milk would a little and is it there even before feeds?
    If it is thrush... dont worry it's easily treatable and youve done nothing wrong. My 2nd Joe has it when he was 2 weeks old... it spread to his bum (which is apparently common) it just looked like tiny red spots on his bot, both were gone within a week of medicines and creams. Ask your midwife or HV to have a look.
    Mummy to Erin 18mnths and Joe 5mnths
  • My lo had oral thrush when he was 1wk old. We thought it was just milk but we cleaned his mouth using a cottin bud soaked on cooled boiled water and the white didn't rub off on the cotton bud, so it wasn't milk deposits.
    We used nystatin and it worked a treat and he's never been bothered by it again. If it is thrush it isn't sore and she won't be in any pain.
    It's totally normal to worry, I was hideous and checked the internet and my library of baby books every time he blinked ! S x
  • Molly had a white tongue for the first 12 weeks and she kept getting Nystatin prescribed by the HV, which was disgusting stuff! It never improved or got worse and finally a doctor checked her and said it wasn't thrush, just a harmless white coating that some babies get. it has completely gone now. x
  • DD has this too. i took her to surgery a few weeks ago to get it checked. saw the nurse practitioner who said it was just milk. like the others have said if it is thrush it wont come off and there would be spots elsewhere in the mouth

  • Oscar had a very white tongue for a long time, he's 20 weeks now and it's only in the past couple of weeks that his tongue has been tongue coloured! x
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