Cot wedges and moving around in cot

Hi ladies. I have been using a cot wedge with Hugo since he was about 11 weeks to help to alleviate his reflux symptoms, but now that he's more mobile and rolling on to his side and playing with his feet etc, he manages to roll himself off the wedge and gets jammed against the cot bars.

Any tips for keeping him positioned on the wedge from anyone else using one? I've removed it tonight to see if it makes any difference to his night waking but I may have to keep using it if his reflux is bothering him...

Peeptoe and Hugo (23+2)


  • we have a sleep positioner that we got from jojo maman bebe which is like 2 little bolster cushions that go on either side of them keeping them in the same place, we used to use them when lo slept on his back but now he is a tummy sleeper and likes to have his arms by his side so we no longer use the cushions but they were fab and not too expensive,

    HTH x
  • we had one of what shocked mummy is describing, it says in the instructions that once the baby starts to move about it needs to be removed as it can be dangerous, we luckily found when we had to move it he was much better flat, you could raise the whole matteress if it is still a problem, i did try to find a larger version of the wedge but to no avail x
  • We used the cot wedge for my son (now 6 months) as he also has reflux but we stopped using it about 5 weeks ago (21 wks) as he started rolling around the cot. He sleeps just fine without it now and isnt bothered by his reflux.
  • Well I took the wedge out last night to see if that made any difference, and Hugo was screaming and arching about an hour after he went down so the wedge went back in! Then I was in another 4 times last night responding to him as he wriggled off the wedge and woke himself up and he needed a comfort breastfeed to settle. Sigh.

    BUT, have not put the wedge in tonight and so far, he's been down for 4 hours without a peep so maybe he doesn't need the wedge anymore and last night was just a bad night. I might see how we go for the next few nights and if if's clear that he still needs to be raised up, I'll get a positioner from JMB (thanks for the recommendation shockedmummy)

    Thanks all!
  • How did you go last night? Hope the night wasnt a repeat with the back arching :cry:
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