How do you...

...stop them from sticking their hands in their poopy nappy?
Cameron is 7 months and as soon as you take his nappy off he grabs his tally-wacker! but if he's had a poo its all underneath it and all over himself so he keeps grabing a handful of poo!!
iv tried giving him toys to play with but they just end up in the poo, or he drops it and then starts rolling after it which is a pain if he's stil dirty!!
mucky pup! any tricks im missing?


  • Hehe, sorry no advice but you made me giggle!

    Would giving him a baby wipe do anything? I suppose he'd just drop it, like his toys.
  • Lol, Riley does this, he's even trying to get it before you take his nappy off. What I tend to do is pull his legs up and slightly out so I can block his arms as he can't get round them, get it all off quickly then leave him for a bit. Then give his hands a wipe when I do mine. xxx
  • Haha luckily Gabe hasnt found his willy yet .... he did once in the bath but then forgot about it! I have a cot top changer, and next to the cot is a bookcase where I stack nappies, wipes, cotton wool and so on, so he's way too interested in that! He finds nappies, packs of wipes, phones, tv remotes etc FAR more interesting then rubbish toys!! You could try that...
    Also what can work if all else fails is changing him on the floor with changing mat between your legs, pin his arms down with your feet and then change as usual, it sounds a bit mean lol but Gabe never bothered about it (had to do this when he had bad eczema and kept scratching!)xxx
  • Tally-Wacker :lol:

    I give Kelsie something entertaining to hold before a nappy change, then she doesn't bother about her bits. If its a smelly one, we give her something she's really not allowed to hold and she pays no interest!


  • Think it is a boy thing! Barney always has his hand down his nappy before you've even finished undoing it. I'm sure Millie was never that fascinated by the contents of her own pants :lol:
  • I think Gabe is a gentleman then haha...he doesnt play with his willy and hardly ever farts or anything, he is also an incredibly clean eater even with finger food...not like a typical boy then!xx
  • Are you sure he's a boy :lol: Barney farts, eats to much and then throws up, smells, poo's for Britain and is fascinated by boobies and the contents of his pants :lol:
  • Haha yes am sure he's a boy...ive even got the proof on DVD from his 4d scan when the sonographer had a good peek to make sure he was male!!!!! haha!
  • haha, cameron is also a booby man bedhead. he has a habit of wedging his hand between mine when we're in public!
    He really grips his doo-dah though, it actually looks painful!! he is obsessed with it....nappy free time is a no-no in our house!
  • Barney pats mine whilst grinning at me. We also are concerned that one of these days he is going to pull his bits off completely he yanks that hard :lol:
  • Lol Oscar's just discovered his man bits - i said to my hubby the other day, 'why do grown men complain so much when they get so much as a tap in the willy region? Oscar is pulling his apart and it clearly doesn't hurt!' :lol: x
  • lol im quite glad i got a girl. i cant keep her on mat at all though so am normally wiping pooh off when she standing up swinging on the fire guard
  • lol jamdonut! boys and their toys eh?!!
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