First tooth!


Gabe, 7 months, has got his 1st tooth!!! So exciting! xx


  • Yay Gabe - he's coming on in leaps and bonds now! Next he'll be crawling and driving you mad! image
  • Well done Gabe!! I bet he looks so cute now!
  • My friends lo is 1 and still has none. You can't really see it yet its just like a little white spike. When do they start looking like an actual tooth?
  • Yay gabe! Camerons came through last week. he was so good the night it came through but since then he's had us up every night...last night it was 3am by the time he stopped crying...not at all like him! am shattered today!
    it seems to get bigger every day!
    hope gabes dont cause him too much grief! xxxxx
  • It took Aoife a good week before her first looked like a tooth but then the second one followed really quickly!
  • Woo hoo! Way to go Gabe! First tooth is so exciting. Only another 19 to go :lol:

    Evie says welcome to the first tooth club Gabe!

  • I meant to buy a toothbrush today but forgot! Damn!! xx

    You know the friend's lo I mentioned? Well i went round hers later today and her lo has got 1st tooth today too. At 12 months - she is so excited - thought it would never happen!!
  • I am so proper jealous! Ellie will be 9 months at the end of december & guess what...still no teeth, no sign of any coming through, nothing not a peep!!!!! awh well she'll be at school & maybe she'll get some image
    well done gabe though xxxx
  • well done Gabe xx
  • well done gabe
  • Its bigger today and bloody sharp too!! haha! He keeps biting his spoons like "whats this weird thing in my mouth??" haha xx
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