been conned on ebay! Anyone know much bout ebay??

Well im furious!! I sold my luna mandarin to a lady a coupleof days ago who said it was for her sister told me some sob story, i said id sell it her even though the bidders went up, cos i said i wouldnt go back on my word! and i would outbid myself through different accoutn!! i sold at a fraction of the price outside ebay! which i know is against rules but i did, cos i felt for her but she did wrong also for asking me to! Anyhow been on ebay and there is my pram being sold by this woman all individual and for a hell of alot more than i sold it for to her! she has lied on her ads saying she bought it for 280 etc ive been in touch with her furious and she said nothing i ca do and its tough! Ive got all her previous emails and also she has got loads of prams etc for sale on there so clearly she is a con artist!! I told her to return the pram and i will refund her the money and i will sell it properly, cos she is a damn liar!! I KNOW I PROB CANT, BUT DOES ANYONE KNOW IF IM WRONG OR HER, SHE SAYS IM HARRASSING HER??


  • Oh hun thats a difficult one. I wouldnt know, but didnt want to read and run. I doubt theres alot that can be done as it was you that sold it to her by outbidding yourself. Thank you for posting this up tho as it will serve as a warning for people who use ebay not to be taken in, and 2 just let their auctions run. Its not right this woman is doing this but Im not sure if theres ne thing you can do to get the pram bk hun. Have you tried contacting Ebay and telling them what has happened? x
  • other account my sister, i intend on buying the stuff n not paying i have a couple of ebay accounts can use, my sis n my mate etc cnt believe the cow! im soooo annoyed!
  • I have no advice sorry hon but I am disgusted that the woman could do this. How heartless to go to those lengths with a sob story when along it was for her "business". Some people just have no conscience.

    I do hope in this instance - what goes around comes around.
  • If you do that you will be able to leave negative feedback as well so warning ppl

    its crap how ppl behave

  • there is nothing you can do babe, for you i wish there was but there isnt.
  • You could report her for obtaining articles by fraud by deception........joking aside you can call your local police on 0300 123 123 make a report over the phone. Send her the crime referance number and say you will be proceeding if she doesnt return it.

    Ebay wont help as you went against their rules but her name and address is on there.
  • i know, but im moving house in a couple of weeks, so could i not do the revenge thing and then when i move my ip address will have changed??????
  • Hiya hun this happened to me on ebay too can i just ask wat her username is?
    i felt sorry 4 a woman on there when i had a pliko pramette with all the extras, footmuff raincover etc. I sold it to her for 100 pound all in, then when she got it she said she was reporting me to ebay cos there was a small hole in the basket and i had to give her a tenner back, she then sold it on ebay saying it was brand new only used for a month i was furious and she had seperated everything
  • Hi

    I am pretty sure that I have seen the exact ad on ebay that you are referring to and this is absolutely shocking. It is true that there is probably not a lot that you can do with regards to going through ebay but I am one of these that will give it a go anyway....despite the fact that you did go against the ebay rules you did it in good faith and probably have emails to prove it. I also agree with akaladyk it wouldn't hurt to give the local police a call and find out if there is anything you can do! From the grammar and spelling in her ad she does not appear to be an educated woman so I am sure that she probably is a little toe rag that is doing this to other people as a means of making a living which I am sure ebay will not like and deception and fraud is illegal....I would definitely be rasing it with ebay and pleading innocence that you did anything wrong. FYI you are actually allowed to end an auction early if you have sold the item by other means.

    Sorry that was probably a complete ramble but I got taken in on ebay once too and after complaining the sellers account was suspended.

    This sort of thing really gets my goat!
  • WHAT A COW ,,, I would agree with the previous post. Say that you have seeked advice and are about to go to the police with a fraud deception claim. Sat that you will contact her with a crime number. The thought of this may make her change her mind ... Otherwise revert to opening a new account & buying it and not paying ...

    do you have a link to the auction ???
  • I would also advise her to remove the item from ebay immediately as you are seeking legal advice regarding fraud.
  • hi, her name is doodlemick, i looked on her feedback and nearly every selling she done is for prams and lots of them, ive wrote to ebay now! this is the link to the auction, plus she has put the bag n stuff on seperate auctioons to make more!|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318
  • just a thought can everyone on here log in to our ebay accunts and send her a message, saying something like...

    Hi ... is this the pram originally sold by Sara and is currently being investigated by ebay & the police for a deception claim ??? If loads of people do it she may re-consider ??? I'd be prepared to do it ...


    Also I presume you have her address ... if nothing comes of it ... you can also go the junk mail route & sign her up for every catalogue, bank card offer, free draw .... OOOOH NO, now I am just being nasty !!!

  • haha thanks for that daddytime lol i so would love to do all that, im soo angry! she is just a con artist at the end of the day! i would appreciate a email from you to her, make it all a little more convincing for me! and use long words i dont think she understands them much! lol once again thanks
  • daddytime - I LOVE your way of thinking! I'm pissed off for Sara too, she's too nice to have this happen. Sara can you go on MSN. I've had an idea! xx
  • I agree with daddytime sign her up to every junk mail site going as Mrs R Sole he he he
  • sorry but i sent the email,unfortunatly 10 mins after listing ended but sent it anyway x
  • :lol: Kirsty @ Mrs R Sole!! Very funny lol!

  • lol saying what claire lol, its ok my 'friend' has bought the pram from her lol
  • hi
    just asking whether it was the pram originally sold by you that was being investigated for fraud and deception.i was just trying to help you out as ive been ripped off selling on ebay before too x
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