when is bed time ?


tyler starts his bedtime routine at 7 so is normally in bed at 7.30, but i've noticed he's starting to get tired earlier about 6, when its too late for nap but too early for bed.

just wondering what time everyone else's lo's go to bed.


sarah+tyler(14 weeks)


  • When my lo 13 months, was newborn we aimed for 7pm bedtime but started the bedtime routine 5.30/6. Now he goes 7-7.30pm. This works well as he tends to sleep through til 7-7.30am. If I put him down earlier he wakes earlier and I so need the extra zzzzs! My friend does a 6pm bedtime and her lo is up around 6am which she prefers. You could try a later nap or put bedtime forward by a bit xx
  • From 4 months we put my LO (now 6 months) down for 7pm but it was always a nightmare with him screaming through bathtime and then taking ages to settle. We realised it was because he was overtired and so now he goes to bed between 6pm and 6.30pm and it's SO much better. We start bedtime routine at 5.30pm so he is not overtired and can enjoy his bath - which he loves now. It didn't make him wake up any earlier, just helped him sleep better.

    If you don't want such an early bedtime you'll have to introduce a longer afternoon nap which ends at 5ish I guess, but that's easier said than done! xxx
  • We have the same problem and we aim for 7pm but more often it is 6.30pm x
  • DD (20 weeks) is down asleep in bed by 7pm. I start bedtime routine just after 6pm and she sleeps to 7/7.30am.
    I started with a later bedtime but she was always grumpy with it and then wouldn't settle (overtiredness) so I started bringing it forward to what she wanted and she loves it I think, knowing when she's going to bed!!
    Her last nap time is 4.30pm - 5pm x
  • We had the same problem. He used to scream so much out of overtiredness that we thought he had colic but then realised it was tiredness. I used to try and leave him to feed at 7pm as he was feeding 7am, 11 am, 3pm. However, it was just too much. We brought bathtime forward to about 1745 ish and feedtime to about 1815 (only just over 3 hours from the last feed but he devours it!), Then he is usually asleep before 7pm and generally sleeps til about 630/7 am. He tends to have a nap around 415/430 ish for 20 mins, otherwise he is unbearable. I don't know if this is because he was premature so is slightly more sleepy than other babies his age.

    Kate & Ollie (4.5 months)
  • My LO was the same. In the summer I used to take her out for a walk which she screamed thru just to try and get her to a reasonable bed time. I kept trying to put her in front of the bedtime hour on Cbeebies to see if that helped. After a good couple of months of stretching it out to as close to 7pm as I could and eventually my perseverance paid off. She now sits and watches the bedtime hour until the story when I give her her bottle and then she is in bed by 7pm-7.10pm most nights. Even when she is really sleepy she manages to stay awake during the bedtime hour because she loves it so much x
  • Now that Luke's on 3 solid meals a day plus milky he goes to bed at 7pm. I give him his tea at 6pm then bath and then bed. He is asleep within about 10 minutes or less now, he is more tired.

  • I must have troublesome children as they don't sleep nowhere near as much. my ds1 who is now just 3 goes to sleep with some forcing at 10:30pm and is up by 7am for the day with no naps. If he is put to bed earlier he will be up by 2-3am and doesn't sleep again. my ds2 isnow 11weeks and sleeps from 11pm to 6am then has a feed naps for around 45mins at 9 am, naps for 2 hours between 3:30 and 5:0pm and is awake and active or feeding for the rest of the time. again have tried puttin him for longer naps earlier to bed but he ends up awake all night wanting to play.
    Where do I get children who like to sleep?!!!!
  • We put Olivia down around 9pm, she is tired from about 6pm so we allow her a short nap around 7pm and then when she wakes up she is ready to play for a short time and then start her bedtime routine.
  • My lo is tired from about 5:30 so we start he bedtime routine by 6:15 and he's bathed, bottle and bed by 6.45.
  • avas bedtime routine starts at 6.15 ish so in bed asleep (or getting there) for 7

    when she was littler she was in bed at 6.30 and slept till 8 or 9 x
  • I stopped bathing the boys at night as they were so tired that they screamed all the way through it and I didnt want to start my routine any earlier than 6pm really. I now bath them in the morning and they then have their morning nap, which is much better. I undress them and give them some nappy-off time at 6pm. They are upstairs and being fed (I have to feed one at a time unfortunately as they are too difficult to feed together so I have to go earlier or the other one will fall asleep while im feeding the first one!)

    I feed Alfie first as he is smaller, and more demanding (lol) and he is in his cot asleep by 6.45. I then feed Ryan who often falls asleep during his feed and is in his cot by 6.55. They wake at 11pm-12am and again at about 4am then theyre awake for the day at 6am!

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 21 + 6
  • I start bed time routine at 6 by bath time and bottle then chill time usually he's ready for bed at 7 , 7;30 at the latest! then he usually sleeps till 7-8 am! he's 11 months now and has been settled nicely into this routine since 4 months old. think i'm lucky he likes his sleep like his mummy! lol
  • Hi ladies

    Thanks for your responses, I dont want him to go to be earlier if i can help it as his dad doesn't get home from work until 6.15 so its nice that he spends some time with him and helps with the bath.

    will see how he goes i think, with the light nights i may start wandering with him at 6 for abit.

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