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What time where your LO going to bed when they were around 3 mnths (she is 11 wks)? Last night it was 8.30, by the time we'd had tea and hubby and spent some time with Faye, she was fed and bathed it was 8.30!!!

Is this too late or at this age quite reasonable? I'm worried if I try and bring it forward the process will be rushed but last night everything was nice and relaxed. We had a lovely time with her in the bath, giggles and smiles :\)


  • At 3 mths Zacky was just starting to be put to bed at between 9-10pm. He had just started to sleepthrough. Before this we would let him nap on the sofa til his midnight feed, when he would wake up, and then we would all go to bed.
  • I think at that age Gabe was going to bed at a similar time to Faye. It naturally came forward as time went on and he napped less in the day so got tired more easily. Now he is 8.5 months and is in bed for about 7 most nights.
    We only bath him once a week so he is top n tailed, has his eczema cream on, reads a story has a bottle and goes to bed! xx
  • all mine got to bed at 6.30pm and have done since 1 week old
  • Charlie is 11 weeks and i find that he seems to be ready for bed between 7 - 8 but we are aiming to get him in his cot at 8pm(ish) as we are trying to get some kind of bedtime routine going.xx
  • Our bedtimes start at 6.30-7pm for the 2 boys, then 7.30-8pm for the 2 girls. Lately Nathan has taken to having a bottle between 7 & 8pm and will fall asleep in his cradle usually around 9pm - although this is not set in stone yet lolo
  • Meant to say, boys r 4 & 2, girls r 8 & 7 and Nathan is nearly 10wks!
  • Aiden is 14 weeks and goes to bed between 8-10pm. It varies depending on when he wakes from a nap and feeds etc

    I've been trying to get him in bed for 8ish but only seems to last for a couple days then it all changes again
  • Max goes at 7, but has feed at 11 then another feed at 2-4 then is up for 6! i'm so unlucky lol and he's 18weeks
  • Oscar goes to bed around 7.30 ish, gets up at 11 for a feed then usually goes through until 7.30ish, but he naturally brought his bedtime forward himself, he used to go to bed with us, but it got earlier and earlier as he was more awake and active during the day - we never really did anything, it just happened on it's own x
  • Hey,
    Alf is 6+months now and he goes into his cot ready for bed between 7 and 7:30pm depending in how the day has gone and how much, if any, sleep he's had through the day!
    When he was 3 months old it was more between 8-9pm but he just seemed to want to sleep after his bath and we now do that at 6:30'ish so bedtime is right after that. Hth x
  • Archie goes to bed at 7.30. Didn't want it to be too early so that daddy can spend some time with him after work. I think it's up to you and whatever works for you. S x
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