why did

the petition to remove sofedup get deleted? I havnt been on for a day or two so dont know whats gone on? Has Bekki gone now? I hope so - she needs to sort herself out for her kids sake. I hope BE can get bk to how it should be. I love you guys and love coming on here for advice/support. ;\) XX XX


  • Is that the post that gingerlilytea started with her pictures, that sofedup hijacked? i know webed removedthat one. didnt know of any other post going on!
    i hope we can get back to normal now too. am fed up of reading bout it now! x
  • I noticed that too as i was going to advise webed of the new names being used x
  • The one in web suggestions?? Is it gone, maybe they just wanted to remove most traces of her name!!!! xxxx good riddance to bad rubbish eh??
  • it was a post i put on website suggestions. Just wanna know what happened to it.
    I love coming here for advice and support and just to have a good old chat. I hope Bekki has gone now and we can all get bk to normal xx
  • I hope so too!!! I used to log on every day straight after brekky and stay logged on, refreshing the page every 15 mins ect and having a good chat with everyone... but recently I have just steered clear because the 'troll' has made me feel physically sick with her insults and taunts, I do hope shes gone for good because BE has been a big part of my life since lo came along. love to u all xxx
  • I think webed removed the post once sofedup had been removed from the site. I guess they didn't want anyone else posting on it when the problem had been dealt with.
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