9months...not crawling or pulling himself up

HI, my little boy is 9mnths old. he is a very happy, cheerful and alert little boy and is very vocal but i keep reading that by 9months they should be crawling and pulling themselves up on furniture which luke isnt. I know some babies never crawl but i keep thinking he is behind other babies. he absolutely hates being on his tummy so i cant imagine him every crawling to be honest, but thought he would have been trying to pull himself up by now???? he loves walking when we hold him, gets very excited so thats a good sign, but i suppose i just want him to tick all the milestone boxes on time. have any of ur little ones been late in crawling, moving???


  • Hi

    Personally i wouldnt worry my friends baby is 10months and shows no interest in crawling at all, but he too loves being on his feet. The only thing i would suggest is to give him as much floor time as possible. I started putting my lo on the floor on a duvet instead of in his bouncer and it was this that i think was the key to getting him moving.

    HTH XX
  • My little boy is 10 months and isnt crawling or pulling himself up either. Just sits there playing happily. I was really worried but everybody keeps saying not be he only got his first tooth on tuesday just seems behind everybody else!! We are going to see the hv later so will post as regards what she says about it!

  • Mine! Didn't crawl til 13 months and at 15 is only just starting to pull herself up (in a very halfhearted way). She's just happy to sit and read books or play!

    If your HV isn't worried I wouldn't be, either. Mine advised me recently that they wouldn't start to think about it more unless they still weren't showing signs of walking by 18 months, and even then it's probably nothing to worry about.

    I'm sure your LO is just a thinker rather than a do-er, like mine :\)
  • my first ds didnt crawl etc until 10 months and then there was no stopping him he walked on his fiorst birthday they all do it in their own time x
  • like the other ladies have said i wouldnt worry,jack has been crawling and pulling himself up for agers now and cruising along the sofa and things but twin sister she has been crawling for agers (comando crawling) and has only been properly crawling for a little while and she has only just been pullin herself up on the sofa,she is not cruising yet and there coming up to 15 months,i cant remember when older brother started doin things but he was 18months when he started to walk,he was late in everything

  • I did a post like this a few weeks ago as I was worried about my lo but the replies made me realise that all babies will develop at their own pace.

    Riley will be 1 in a couple weeks (he was 5wks prem though) and isn't crawling or pulling himself up yet. He only actually learnt to properly roll over from his back to front a week or so ago! I never thought he'd crawl because he hates being on his tummy too but in the past couple weeks he seems to be making more of an effort to try. x
  • Aiden is 11 months and just crawling !! some baby's just don't crawl at all! they are all so different! my niece who is only 4 weeks older is walking!! xxx
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