how long for body to get back to normal??

ok i know its prob different for everyone, but how long has it taken to get back to normal body (or there abouts?).

this is my second, but last time i must have been a freak of nature, hardly had a bump and was back in my jeans within the week.

this time i am more of a normal post pregnancy person with a lot of weight to lose, esp around the bumn and hips, altho belly is slowly but surely reducing by the day. still cant get my wedding rings on either.

can anyone remember how long it took??

i know the most imprtant thing is my baby and of course i am more concerned about him (but i am only human!);10715;107/st/20080602/n/Ethan/dt/5/k/c0fb/age.png;10723;95/st/20041006/n/Elise/dt/5/k/ba2a/age.png


  • Hiya I think everyone worries about this. I was most worried about my boobs going really saggy cos they're quite big!
    Are you breastfeeding? That helped me get my figure back quite quickly. I think it was probably about 2-3 weeks before I got back into pre-pregnancy clothes, but Max was my first.
    TBH I've actually lost weight! Before I got pregnant I weighed 10st. During pregnancy I went up to 12st and now (6 1/2 months later) I weigh 9st!! Bit annoying cos I'm now a size 10 and all my clothes are too big! Also my stretchmarks are really obvious cos my tummy isn't being stretched out anymore.
    BTW your little boy is soooo cute!! Want to give him a big hug xxxxxx
  • hello,like the op have said,its gonna be different for everyone,my ds is nearly 14 months and ive lost all my baby weight and a little more but i still cant get in to my size 14 clothes,ive got extra bits of skin on my belly from were its been stretched :cry: i guess i should do dome sit ups or summit but i just cant be bothered :lol: i was on a real downer about it and was sick of wearing my maternity clothes so i went out and bought bigger size clothes,i wasnt impressed about buying a size bigger but it made me feel so much better.

  • My lo is almost 5 weeks old and i'm only half a stone off my pre pregnancy weight but miles off fitting into my old clothes. I must be carrying the weight very differently, I think my bum and legs are a bit smaller than before (have been walking everywhere and b4 only ever drove) but my hips and tum are still noticeably bigger. I'm going away in Aug so have set myself a target of losing 1 and half stone by then (as I'd put on weight suddenly b4 falling pregnant).
  • This time last year I was about 8st 5lb and a size 10. I put on just over a couple of stone during pregnancy (around 10st 11 somat like that). I'm 9st 11 at the moment and hoping to get down to around 8 and half stone ideally. My baby is nearly 8 weeks old.

    Before I got pregnant, I was quite active with walking, aerobics and went out on my bike nearly every night (I got married May last year so was trying to get in good shape for that) but now its harder to get out as much so the weight will come off more slowly. But I try to get out for a little walk as often as I can. I will start my aerobics class in September so that should help too.

    I'm looking forward to getting into my jeans again!!

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