Where has the year gone?!

Well I cant believe its nearly December AGAIN! Where has the year gone? Im just wandering what you all had planned for this year? New years resolutions, did you stick to them? Any dreams or plans you had did you do them or didnt get round to doing? Plus will you have any new years resolutions for 09, any plans for the year to come?


  • Gosh! I cant believe it either!!!! I didnt have any real resolutions except to keep the weight off, but it goes up and down all the time so ignoring it for now!!! We are all going to my parents 4 xmas, there will be about 14 of us I think............. Eoin will love it, last yr he was only 8 weeks, this yr he will be 14 months!!! Cant wait !!!1111 xxxx
  • I know what you mean hun! Ive just bveen looking at photos of a very tiny and unregonisable jayden from last christmas, barely in the world and a year, well it just shows how much they grow and so quick!! Jayden will also be 14 months (scary!) and not a baby anymore!! Nice to know youll be having a nice big family christmas, ours use to be like that and was fab but not nowadays image never mind im sure jayden will make it very entertaining! lol xx
  • Aww Yours los first xmas how exciting!! Youll love it image Dont worry about her daddy not being there, jaydens dad hasnt been there since i was 4 months pregnant and christmas couldnt of been any better. As long as you have friends and family thats all that matters! xx
  • Hear hear Sammy!!! Christmas is about family and friends, not all the other material stuff! I'm really looking forward to it, we're off to my mums and there'll be 9 of us for dinner. Poppy was only 3 months last year so I'm really looking forward to it with her this year!!
    It's sooo exciting!
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