I know weight is boring but...

image My Charlie! I'm sooo pleased!

I've just had him weighted! last time I went was the 30th sept 08 lol what a slack Mummy! but I knew he was putting on!

He is a BIG boy and at 21 weeks he weights bang on 19lbs!!! image

He has 9 oz of milk every 4 hours and 2 meals a day! image

I'm so proud!!

.....Now if only I could Shift 19lbs! :lol: xxx

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  • Happy healthy boy you have there!

    Hugo was 3 months this Sunday - weighs 13 lbs 4 oz. He seems to be putting on around 14 oz in 3 weeks ... Does that sound ok? :P
  • im taking my Burgess to get weighed tomorrow not been for 3 weeks he was 12lb 2oz AT BIRTH he'l be 15 weeks this thursday.
  • max was weighed yesterday at hospital and he weighed 15lb 15oz and is only 10 weeks, he was 8lb 6 at birth!

    ive lost over 3 stone since becoming preg which is due to the gallstones but i'm pleased anyway lightest ive been in 7 yrs
  • George was 7lb1 at birth and will be 21 weeks tomorrow and was weighed yesterday and was 17lb11 1/2 he puts onloads everytime i get him weighed it will start slowing now though, I hope it did with the girls. He has 2 meals a day, breakfast and dinner and has 5 8oz bottles a day. HV happy with his weight gain even though he has jumped over 2 centiles now! xx
  • Livs was 7.12 at birth. She was weighed last Weds at 23 weeks and was 16lbs, 3 1/2 ozs. She is on 2 meals a day and 5 6 oz bottles a day.
    Charlie and George sound like hungary little boys! Exactly what Charlotte was like (and still is) never stops eating!!
    How are the July mummies? x x x

  • faith is 14.6 and at 33 week hope she but on some as we are getting her weighed tomorrow
  • my boy is 8months old and he weighs 17.6. losing it so they say but i know hes eating likes his foods. they think he should be higher as he was 9lb born. but what can i do. hes happy and healthy and eating etc. these health visitors aint got a clue.lol.
  • Gabe is 19lb 15oz at 7 months (today actually). So a fairly big boy. He's just over the 75th centile. They really do slow down - he is gaining a steady 2oz a week now xx

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  • Grace is 8 months abd when i got her weighted today she was 19lb 2oz!!!
  • Lily is 22 weeks and weighs 17lb 11oz. She has breakfast and dinner along with 5 7oz bottles...but appears to be dropping the last bottle of the day!
  • Hi Izzabelle weighed 8lb 15 at birth and 2 weeks ago when she was 9 months she weighed in at 20lb 15. She was on the 75th centile for weight and the 98th for height.

  • Louise's weight has finally started to slow down. at 21 weeks, she is 18lb 6oz - she had put on about 1lb over 4 weeks where she had previosly been putting on 2lbs over 4 weeks!!!! She's finally following a curve instead of a 45 degree angle lol. I thinking weaning her has effected it as she's now not feeding 3 times during the night!

    and I don't think its a boring subject!
  • Oscar was 14lb10 at 10 weeks, and was 7lb14 at birth, he is a real chunky monkey!Seems to have settled in the 91st centile, for a while he was gaining 1lb a week! xxx
  • Joseph was weighed on Monday and is 14lb at 8 weeks! Was 9lb 10 oz at birth and was on the 91st centile but been on 98th ever since!! He weighs the amount I stillneed to lose from having him lol xx
  • David is 12 weeks friday, he was weighed last week and was 12lb 13.5oz, so should be near on 13lb at 12 weeks
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