Quinny zapp

Just wondering if anyone has this pushchair and what your thoughts are on it?
Thank you very much x


  • We bought one second hand for DD and, tbh, I suspect there are better ones out there for the money! It's fab in terms of size and lightness and it's incredibly easy to push but it topples really easily with only a bit of weight on the back of it. I find it can be quite fiddly to put up too, am often found crouching behind it trapping my fingers cos I can't pull the catch up with my foot!! Oh and DD's feet always get wet cos she's tall and the rain cover's bish lol! That said I do use it on a daily basis for the school walk so it can't be all bad!
  • We've got one too, only as a small occasional buggy. There are things I don't like about it (doesn't recline), but tbh it's only for those occasions that we need the boot space (it's the smallest folded on the market). It's also handy that it takes the maxi cosi car seat so we've been able to use it before 6 months.
  • yep i have one!! well its my 2nd one-had one with dd1 too.
    once you know how to put it up and down its a doddle! i find it brilliant for popping in the boot if i need to nip out quickly-like today it started raining so went to pick dd1 up from school in car so popped it in boot so i could get in and out quickly with dd2- i would have been soaked putting up my big pram! lol x
  • i had this buggy second hand for a while as it took mai cosi car seat good for space saving on hols, great and compact but doesnt recline.
    i now have maclaren xt and it is easy to push and appears very comfy, just doesnt fold as small.
  • i looked at this but ended up with a petite star zia in purple berry as it reclines so i could use it from birth. have you seen the new zapp thats just come out though? its called a zapp xtra, they have a demo one in our local babies r us and i wish id got one of those now..... however its ??225 so i dont think i would have got one in the end anyway!!x
  • I had the Quinny Zapp & hated it. It didn't recline so DS could never nap and it didn't have a basket either. I loved the look of it so sold and bought the Petite Star Zia instead. A much better buggy IMO. HTH xx
  • Got one and gave it to Grandma for odd visit's there as DS learnt to oull the hood of at 7 months and I spend my whole time wandering around with one hand holding the hood on.
    It is nice and light, folds very small but glad I got a different one - our baby jogger city mini has much better features (better basket, reclines) and easier fold system.
    Now he's older, DS naps in it fine, and I'll nick it back to take it on holiday as it's still good but I prefer my city mini for the moment.
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