Cold Hands

Its freezing cold today, I need to change Neve's nappy again but she gets really grumpy with me when my hands are cold. Whats really annoying is that because we have stupid underfloor heating it takes ages for the temperature to rise when you turn it up! Grrrrr bring back good old radiators.

Ironically for someone so choosy about temperature, she refuses to wear gloves outside so I have just had to buy a pair of very thick fluffy socks to fit a 10 year old to put on her hands instead, they go right up her arms and try as she might the little monkey cannot get them off lol!

[Modified by: Lottie and Neve on 02 December 2008 14:35:05 ]


  • aww lol i always have cold hands even if its really hot so before i do JJs nappy i always run my hands under really hot water so they are warm lol...our heating is great but we have a really draughty front room window because it's coming away from the wall (quite scary when its windy outside, feels like its gunna fall in) that my dad keeps PROMISING to fix (said he'll just put some filler round it til we can afford to replace it) but it's still not done so we go to bed really early to keep warm lol oh the joys of owning ur own home! x

  • I have cold hands and try to sit on them before i change Evie, i think shes going to take after me as her hands are always freezing xxxx
  • At least they will come in handy getting up for school. I will be reaching under that duvet and grabbing nice warm ankles with my chilly hands if she doesn't get up lol!
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