FAO 2peezinapod, LinziMc, Spedshaw, Kel2 - ANY NORTHEAST??!

Shall we arrange a meet then - if we make it central Newcastle then people can make it on public transport if necessary?! I work a Wed and Fri but any other day would be good!

Email me on the button below if you fancy it and we can get something sorted. Do any of you know any good baby/toddler friendly places in central Newcastle where we could meet? If so let me know too!

My lo is 14 months - just so you know!


  • yey! how exciting, i'd love to meet. newcastle centre is fab for me as i don't drive so use public transport and only live 10mins away from the city centre!

    i don't know of anywhere directly in the centre thats any good for little ones.... but i shall get my thinking cap on!

    spedshaw i have a cousin who lived in hartly at one point, she now lives in holywell...thats close isnt it? X
  • I'm defo up for it. Dont know of anywhere to go tho as i dont go to newcastle much apart from shopping lol

    weekends r best for me

    and my LO's are 2 and 1next week xx
  • ahh they are all of similar ages, crafticharlie evie is also 14months!
  • YAY! So glad you are up for it!!!!

    Weekends are a bit trickier for me but can give it a go! So we need to think of where and make a date!
  • weekend coming up and weekend of the 13th r a big no no for me. but part from that, any weekend. i am free most tuesdays to if thats better?
  • Pizza hut in the gate is quite " open". part from that i dunno xx
  • Tuesdays much better for me - how about anyone else - i'll check my diary just in case but most should be ok!
  • As long as there are highchairs I am happy and so is Max image !
  • Hi girls, just spotted this. I'm from Newcastle too, but I'm back at work now so it makes it more difficult for me to meet up ;-(

    As for venues, then I've been to McKenna's at the Northern Stage (opposite Newcatle Uni students union) a few times and it seems baby friendly. It can get pretty packed on a lunch time, but they have an upstairs section (there is a lift) which is usually quiet so you could use this. They do sandwiches, bigger meals, tapas selection, teas/coffees etc. Hope this helps!
  • Oh thanks Mrs Greggy - would any times in particular mean that you COULD make it - would be nice if you could join us??!
  • Hmmm... Weekends are difficult as we try to spend them together as a family (hubby works long hours thru the week), so it would have to be a day off. Unfortunately I work full time.

    I don't really get on babyexpert much these days so I'm not sure who any of you are or how old your little one's are. I'm Jo and my son is Josh who's almost 7 months.
  • Hi - I'm Charli and my lo Max is 14 months!

    Weekends are precious to me and hubby as well - hence why I said they were difficult! It would be lovely to get a chance to meet up but totally understnad that it's tricky!
  • Hi Charli! Nice to meet you!!

    Well if you guys all arrange a date that is ok for all ofyou then I'll see if I can arrange the day off for a meet up.
  • That'd be lovely! Keep an eye out (when you get the chance to get on :lol: ) and see if you can make it along - after all the more the merrier!
  • cool, will do ;o)
  • I live in Newcastle too, can I gate crash?! Joseph will be 14 weeks on Monday (but looks like is is about 6 months, lol) x
  • Of course you are welcome!

    So far we seem to be thinking maybe a Tuesday - Is that ok with everyone????
    And possibly McKenna's at northern stage???? Unless anyone has a different suggestion???

    Do we want to meet for lunch? Coffee? Morning/afternoon???
  • Thank you! Tuesday would be grand for me, lunch sounds good but whatever is best for everyone else x
  • Hello Tam1979!!
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