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Teething pain relief

Hi ladies,

My poor little man hs awful teething pain - he is so grizzly & ot of sorts, pulling at his ears constantly :cry:

I have given him A&P powder, what else could I give him that would help the defered symptoms like ear pain? He is just over 4 mnths.

Thank you



  • he can have calpol and baby brufen also a teething gel x
  • Lyvi is doing the same right now - it's the molars when they pull at their ears like that :\(

    We use a combination of calpol and dentinox teething gel (this can be applied every 20 mins when necessary and safely used alongside calpol)

    Love NN xx
  • Anbesol is a godsend but I think that's only suitable from 6m - not sure!

  • Thanks ladies.

    NN, poor Lyvi - it's so horrible for them. At least they won't be able to remember when they are older x
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