Question about the meet up

Are we having name badges? There are some people that I would definately like to meet in 'real' life.


  • Yep, I think I can work out the names of everyone for the M'hall one!
  • ohhhh yes we should deffo have name badges. for our usernames! hee hee.

    ive been trying to think of something even more exciting than just a badge though, even contemplated getting printed t-shirts like you would for hen nights n stuff..... though not sure if thats a bit too tacky? lol
  • Ooops, sorry girls!! I'm going away for a few days so I'll send Katie a message on facebook if she doesn't mind passing it on!!
  • cant wait!!! xxx
  • t-shirts are very easy to do and fairly cheap if you make them yourself - you can buy transfer paper to iron on to any t-shirt.
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