How soon from stopping Breastfeeding?

Hi Ladies

Just after some advice i know everyone is different but have been breastfeeding my dd for 6months and did my last bf yesterday :cry:. Just wondering how soon you got your first period?

Thanks jen xx


  • Hi Jen,

    I'm still exclusively breastfeeding and my son is 10.5 months.

    My periods came back about 3 weeks after I started weaning him so he was almost 7 months.

  • Luke is 7 months tomorrow and still is breast fed and as well as solids and fingers crossed I have not had one yet. I hate them they can stay away.

  • Once I stopped BF and expressing my first period arrived 6 weeks later, and was particularly heavy, just a warning!
  • Im still exclusively bf my 8.5mth dd and my period came back the beginning of this week, boo.
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