Night feeds!

Hi everyone,

My dd is almost 6 months and is still waking twice during the night for a feed - she goes to bed between 7 and 8pm and wakes around 1/2am and 5am, then sleeps through until about 7/8am. She takes quite a long feed so she must need it. I started weaning last week so i am hoping it might help! I am used to the getting up and she settles pretty easily afterwards. I am exclusively breastfeeding.

I was just wondering when your lo's stopped taking night feeds and slept for longer at night!

I am just dying for a good nights sleep - although i probably would still wake up! :lol:



  • Soon!!!!! Dont give up hope, she is a wee cracker, im sure she wont take long!!! Dont forget she only has a tiny tummy!!

    I second the good nights sleep tho!

    Gemm x
  • following this ladybird as my lo is the same (23 weeks) he is weaned but is still waking 5am every night and about 1 night in 3 he wakes at 2am as well?? like you both times he takes a full feed but I wonder is this habit??!!! I'm on the same lines as you wondering if there is something i can do xx
  • Thanks Gemm image She demolished a whole sachet of Ella's Kitchen Banana and Apple puree today! I was out and about so i am now wondering what's wrong with my cooking - that's the most she has taken! :P lol.

    Moonbean - i am wondering if it's habit too, as she has slept through the 5am feed before! It's just knowing if it is habit or not - don't want to deny her a feed lol x
  • No advice but my lo is 22 weeks and wakes for a feed every 3 hours. Tried stretching it out last night but he was definitely hungry so just meant I spent an hour up with him instead of 10 minutes. Started weaning too so I hope it helps, I'm exhausted....
  • LB have you tried with the later feed to settle her with her dummy??? I did that with DS2 when he was small and it did take 15 mins the first night then got shorter the next night?? If she takes a good feed at 1am she should make it even till 6am-6,30
  • Argh my reply disappeared...

    No advice but LO at 22 weeks still wakes every 3 hours at night for a feed, and is definitely hungry, tried settling him last night but he just wanted food.
    Have started weaning so I hope it helps soon, I'm exhausted!
  • here just while your on does 'queen bee' ever come on any more?? I know she was in your 'due in' forum but had a new name?? haven't seen any posts from her in ages she had a wee daughter called ruby??
  • I always try to give her the dummy first but she usually just screams at me until she is purple! lol. On the odd occasion where she has settled again with her dummy, she is awake 30 mins later, screaming again! image x
  • Argh it appeared again. We tried with a dummy LB and it used to work but he's wise to that trick now and spits it out. He knows when he's being conned!
  • I don't think she has been on for a long time after all the hooha that happened the last time she was on. I think she still speaks to alot of BE girls on fb. She had a wee boy in feb called Eli image x
  • Are you on a missing persons mission tonight Moonbean?
  • I think we've got a bunch of crafty babies who just love their mummies too much image x
  • If they're like this at 5/6 months what are they going to be like when they hit the terrible two's? LO has already started to throw tantrums as we wont let him eat the sky remote. Got an old one out the loft and cleaned it for him to play with and he knows it's not the proper one. Far too clever for his own good!
  • lol grizzlechops!!!! there are a few others out there too that i haven't seen but i'll keep that for another night lol

    ladybird - glad all was well with her birth etc thanks for letting me know yep the babies luuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrvvvve the boobies xx
  • When my LO was just over 6 months old, everything seemed to click into place and we've never looked back. Hope it's the same for you xx
  • Well last night Emily woke up to be fed just once! (I think!) I'm sure she woke at midnight for a feed, she then woke briefly at 1.30am and i just gave her her dummy. She then slept until 7am! I can't remember getting up again so she must have only fed once during the night image x
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