LO not eating

Hi all

My LO is just over 6 months and on Thursday developed a really nasty cold and conjuntivitus image He's stopped drinkikng his milk yesterday (only had 14oz) and doesnt want to eat any solids. I am trying to give him a little water but he doesnt want it, its like his mouth hurts and doesnt want anything there. He's been sleeping nearly all day Friday and Saturday and waking all the time in the night.

Has anyone else experience the same and when should i take him to the drs??

A very tired and worried mummy image


  • Thats for replying, i should have said i got some drops from the dr on Thursday, now thats fun trying to put them in too image
  • Hi, keep persevering with the foods, whatever he likes to just try to get something in him. It's dehydration you need to be worried about. If he's not drinking, then I would personally take him back to the dr. Is he still having the same amount of wet nappies etc? xx
  • Still doing wet nappies, maybe not as much as normal but still weeing. He;s had about 14oz of milk today, a couple of oz of water. He wont drink from his bottle as its like its hurting his mouth and hates all beakers i have tried. I dont know what else to do. image
  • Have you tried a syringe? You can get them from most chemists. Not ideal but better than nothing. Also a dr i spoke to said that juice was fine if it meant they got fluids.

    good luck,

    K xx
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