Can you mix formula and EBM (ie in same bottle)?

Just wondering, as I don't get that much out when I express, could I mix formula and ebm together to make up a full feed so I don't have to give all formula?



  • I wouldn't put it in the same bottle. I know its more washing up but i would give one bottle, wind the the other bottle if your lo is still hungry.
  • I don't get enough when I express to make up a whole bottle so I add to it over several expressing sessions which you can do as long as it is in the same day. Also, when I first started expressing I was only getting 1oz at a time but the more you do it the more you get. I still only get 3oz a time but my supply is rubbish!
  • yes you can,when i was expressing for jack and charlotte,i expressed for 5wks but wanted to put them on formula as it was really hard work as well as looking after my 2 year old,charlotte took to formula right away but jack didnt so i ha to wean him on to it,i asked the mw if i could mix the 2 and she said yes

  • yes, my mw told me i could too.
  • You can, I think it has to be at the same temp tho i.e both room temp or both cooled in the fridge.
    The doctors had me doing this when she was in for jaundice

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