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hand and feet imprints, where to get them?


just wondered if anyone had got any imprint kits and where they got them from, we would like to have a set done while jacob is still tiny but not sure where to get them

any ideas?

becca x


  • We got ours from Mothercare :\)

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx

  • We actually had ours done for us at John Lewis rather than do them ourselves - they are lovely.

    If you want to do them yourself you can buy kits in the children's shop - 'just So'

    Have fun

  • thankyou ladies, what age did you do them?
  • We had ours done at 8 weeks image x
  • We had ours done at a ceramic cafe at 12 weeks.

    The foot ones are lovely, but the the lady in the shop (who was fab!) said not to bother with the hands until around 5/6 months, as babies tend to fist their hands and it is really difficult to do.

    If you want to do both at a young age, then maybe go to somewhere like John Lewis' where they do it for you?

  • I have bought one of these and we are doing it this weekend for my son who will be 9 weeks.


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  • We also had ours done at John Lewis when my little boy was 8 weeks they are expensive but absolutely gorgeous and worth the money. its in a gorgeous blue glaze

  • thankx ladies, will have a look into them x
  • Hi,

    I had one done of my little girl at 2 weeks old. It was a bronze cast of 1 hand and 1 foot. I used a company called stuck in the mud, she came to my house and it cost me ??165 and the casts came in a box frame, so you can mount it on the wall.
    It was a little expensive but very nice and of the highest quality.
    She has a website so take a look xx
  • g/c if you are stuck for cash I bought for my nephew a kit from home bargain with a frame for ??3.99! I didn't have high hopes but it actually looks brilliant! x x
  • The best people I know of are a company called tootsie toes, they sell do it yourself kits and they also come to your home to do casts in gold, silver or bronze. The quality in comparison to John Lewis ect is amazing. It's a proper sculpture with incredible detailing.They are very reasonably priced. X

  • Hey Simone

    I did a Google search of them and wasn't able to find anything relevant, do you think you could give me a phone number or a direct link to one of their websites! Thanks again for sharing!



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