feeds in day help!

hi millie is 12 weeks on wed, she has a feed before bed between 7-8 and wil take between 4 and 5oz she sometimes sleeps through til 7am or she will wake between 4-6am for a feed and she'll take same again. so not alot! in the day she is not having as many naps anymore. she now wants her bottle every 2-3 hours!! i try and make her go longer but if shes hungry she will make u know she is! she screams! but she will only take between 3-5oz she obvioulsy needs it as she has hardly any at night. she once had 6oz and threw alot up so its obvioulsy too much for her. shes putting weight on really well. will her feeds ever change in day or will it get better when she goes onto solids?? xx


  • Hi,
    My LO was taking 5oz every 2-3 hours at twelve weeks and had between 5 - 6 bottles a day at about this time she started to sleep longer too and would go down at about 9.30 and sleep through to 6.30 - 7 ish. She is now 16 weeks and is now taking 6-7oz every 3 hours and a total of 5 bottles a day. She sleeps from about 8.30 to about 7. I think that between 20 - 30 oz in total per day is about right for a baby of 12 weeks.

    Hope that helps a bit! image
  • thanks she takes about 24 normally, i always think 2 hours is too soon and she cant be hungry but she obvioulsy is so its ok to feed her then after only 2 hours! feel better now!! xx
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