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MAM Ultivent Bottles

Hiya i am due in June and am plannin on breastfeedin 2 begin with but remember seein some bottles at the baby show last year that looked really good for not givin ur lo colic and can't remember if it is these or not. Does anyone use them and how good do u think they r? Used Avent one's 4 my 2 1/2 year old dd but have been told i would need 2 buy new ones now. Not sure whether 2 get more Avent or try somethin new.


  • i've never actually heard of these but that might just be because we got Tommee Tippee ones with our steriliser and never needed to look at any others! apparently TT Closer To Nature are really good for breastfed babies and they have the anti colic vent in them too x
  • hi my little girl use the mam bottle she love them i used tryied all sorts dr brown advent tommee tippee and took to the mam much better and also love them becausewe had pink and purple one so cute
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