Changing bags - AGAIN!!!

I posted this in Toddler, but figured you girls are in a better position to assist me with baby bags image Have changed the ??500 to ??300 if you read this on Toddler!! image

So, I think I have an obsession with finding the perfect changing bag image

First I had an OiOi one - it was a large tote one which was brill when Doodle was smaller, but now it's too big and gathering dust under her cot..

Then I had a Pink Lining messenger one - great size etc but no top zip which meant that small hands got into it on a regular basis and ate things from it! Sold it on ebay as it had hardly been used...

Next I had a Lin & Leo in chocolate brown. This is my favourite of them all, but now I'm just using a Maclaren Stroller, it's very heavy. So this is under the cot gathering dust at the moment..

Most recent is the Boden baby bag in blue and white spots... This is a lovely bag - it's got a yellow lining and is quite lightweight. Problem with this is that it's too big with too many big pockets!!! I'm a control freak and like things to be just so (very OCD!) and it's drives me crazy that the pockets all look the same...

So, I'm contemplating selling them all and trying to find the PERFECT bag without spending the world - so far, I reckon I've spent about ??300 on bloody changing bags!!!! Arghhhhhhh...

So, come on then - the perfect bag, with small perfectly formed pockets (but not too many of them!) is ....????? Help me!!!!

C xxx


  • maybe just get a normal bag you like! does it need to be a changing bag? i have a radley changing bag which seems bigger than the amount it holds. i also use the free boots one.
  • I have a fleurville one I love it!!! It's not massive but not tiny, just perfect it has a main bit & 2 side bits. In the main bit it has 4 open pouches so u can always see everything but is tidied away. In the side pockets one side has a hidden zip, perfect for my purse & has another 2 open pouches, perfect for holding mobile. It zips at top. Also has either one long strap or u can carry it like handbag with 2 shorter straps & come with buggy straps as well.

    If ur Eco conscience it is made from recycled products & is wipe clean as well! I got it for ??50 but they usually cost ??100. Well worth the money though.

    Jayne xx
  • I like the Babymel Amanda bag, it's not too big, not too expensive and has various different size pockets inside plus two bottle warmer pockets on the outside. It also has velcro "stroller straps" which make life a lot easier, instead of draping the bag strap over your pushchair handlebars.
  • There is nothing wrong with my existing bag

    There is nothing wrong with my existing bag

    There is nothing wrong with my existing bag

    There is nothing wrong with my existing bag

    Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! But now I want a Pacapod! Man! Why did I look!!!
  • sugarpuff - just wondering what you bag you have now? I'm on the look out for a new one and am considering all the options, thanks xx
  • Must stop reading this thread!!!

    I repeat

    There is nothing wrong with my existing bag

    There is nothing wrong with my existing bag

    There is nothing wrong with my existing bag
  • Thanks, that looks very nice (though I prefer a messenger strap) and sorry for intruding on your post Mrsbuttons but hope it helps you in your search xx
  • Lol Renri, I am saying your mantra to myself, I have the lin and leo but now want the pacapod or the or the other one you have!!!

    However as calleigh said, why not get a decent normal bag? I got a Gucci messenger bag for my b'day which I now use more than nappy bag as is plenty big enough for a few nappies, wipes, snacks and a drink if we're just popping out, and my justification was that it will last for ages and I can fit the nappies in!!! (The man then did try to sell us a Gucci nappy bag) Can you imagine!!
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