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I am GC from pregnancy in the hope you could give me some advice. I was advised you were the lady to talk to regarding SPD?! :\)
I was diagnosed with SPD the last time I saw my consultant, which I had already guessed as been told previously I would probably suffer from it due to having hyperflexable joints. I was told pilates would help strengthen my core muscles and help by a womans health physio a while ago before I was pregnant. I haven't started any pilates sessions yet as the teacher wants a letter from the MW saying that it is okay for me to do pilates with SPD. It flared up really badly 2 weeks ago and i have been trying to slow down since then and it has eased slightly. The MW says she won't do a letter and I would need to speak to the physio. I am still on the waiting list for physio and don't know how long that will take.
Do you have any knowledge whether or not pilates can help or is okay with SPD?
Also I asked the MW if she would give me some written guidance that I can give to my employers on what I can and can't do as I have quite an active job. She said she couldn't. It would need to be a physio again. I feel like people think I am skiving or being work shy as I have told them I can't help out as much as I used to. I can't afford to be written off sick as would only get SSP which at this early stage would affect us. I plan to leave work at 32 weeks. Did you have any written guidance for your employers with your SPD? I did tell them that I had been diagnosed but they haven't altered my risk assessment.
Any thoughts very welcome. Thanks!
Lilou x


  • Hi!!
    Sorry to G/C I'm not sure as SB has internet access as I know she is away!!

    I also had SPD and was on crutches and left work fairly early due to it. I would say you really need to get that risk assesment redone-It's important!!

    A good source of info is http://www.pelvicpartnership.org.uk/

    I found that the way to get my work to really listen (and in fact my doctors) was to take a print out of information to them to read and then speak to them after that!!

    Good luck-send me an email if you need mare details xxx
  • SB's on holiday this week - if you post this over in Dec08 she'll probably be more likely to see it when she gets back,

    Hannah xx
  • hi hun can't really add much but i was also on crutches and my gp signed me off as am a nurse and couldn't work as soon as i got the crutches, basically as soon as i saw a physio. i found the website tink27 mentioned very usefull
  • Thanks ladies. I will post in Dec 08 too then.
    I am going to ring the physio dept again and chase up the apt. ALso ask if they have an NHS leaflet I can wave under my employers nose!
    Thanks again.
    Lilou x
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