was so upset last night....UPDATE

Molly refused to breast feed, she was getting in a right state and cried when i put her to the breast :cry: I totally thought OMG she has self weaned at exactly the same time as Zach but hasn't done it gradually, just suddenly not interested!

She has a stuffy nose so is finding it hard to breathe so tried her with some water and she drank the lot!!

I was very sad and realised i wasn't ready to stop like i planned to do a few weeks back.

Hubby wasn't much help, just said she might not need it anymore, she's growing more independent etc but all i heard was she doesn't need ME anymore (quite selfish of me really!)

This morning my (.) (.) were bursting full and i was so nervous as i got her up and into bed with me but she was eager and feed from each side and her nose seems a lot less stuffy today, phew!

Eek i don't know how i'm going to feel when she really does stop.

Anyway back to one of my previous post, i joined my local La Leche League last week and it was really good and enjoyed helping out a lady who would like to breast feed.



Well not too sure if it's a good update or not so good...

She was keen for her afternoon feed and this would usually be the time when she will feed while settling down for her nap. She fed for like 2 mintues, came off and then just messed around, i tried on the other side but no interest :\(

This evening she fed from one side for about 15 minutes which is ok but she usually drains both sides but only half of one tonight.

She has gone to sleep no probs, her nose is still bothering her and she's not 100% well. Been off her food today as well. :\?

Hopefully she'll feel/feed better tomorrow.

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  • awww, hun, i know how u feel re them not "needing" us any more but for totally different reasons, its not a nice feeling is it image
    u have done so so well to bf molly especially for this long. hopefully it was only because she had a stuffy nose- lolah wont take a bottle when she has a cold. im sure she will be bk to normal the next few days.
    its also really good that u r helping other ladies and ur help and support will be very appreciated. xxx
  • thanks hun, i can't believe our babies will be toddlers soon!!!


  • I don't have my breast pump anymore Zoey as she would never take it in a bottle and i only used it when making up her baby rice, but i did think last night that maybe i shouldn't have got rid....

    Going to try her with her afternoon feed before her nap soon, so will let you know how she gets on....

  • i know, so so scary, i want them to stay this age forever!!! (does a wicked laugh)!!! xxxx
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