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Hello, I gave my LO Calpol for te first time today as she has been in a lot of pain with what seems like teething - it worked a treat and seems to have really halped her with the pain, but I am worried over how sleepy it has made her she has been asleep for nearly 6 hours (she woke once for a feed, and went straight back to sleep) Is this normal?:\?


  • Could be because it's her first dose. You will find as they get older, it doesn't knock em out as much, if at all!!! I would say if you r worried still l8r or in the morning then give ur hv or nhs direct a call but I think she'll b ok!
  • How old is she? If she's still teeny, it does tend to have a slightly sedative effect on them! It won't do her any harm whatsoever though, just make her a bit dosile. But like millie said, you'll probably find with subsequent doses, it won't have such a powerful effect.
  • Thanks Kathp, I gave her another dose last night - much to my reluctance, and she wasnt as sleepy so I think Millie1807 was right. Thanks for your advice.
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