At last!! No more Gaviscon for reflux :-)

Kenny is 14 months and 2 months ago I decided to try him without the Gav for his constant puking. At first the puking was no worse than it was with the Gav and now im delighted to say he can now keep everything down and only the occasional tiny spit up.

My washing machine has been run ragged over the past year and now seems to be getting a rest from vomit.

Its been a long, wet and smelly time but we have come through it and I hope any reflux baby mummies reading this can see light at the end of the tunnel.


  • I was warned that reflux could go on for about a year! I was hoping that this was wrong, clearly not!!

    Poor you and your washing machine! I think it's a godsend that we bought a new machine about a month ago as mine seems to be constantly on cleaning out sick from clothes, sheets, msulims etc!

    Well done for getting out of the other end...seems like I may have another 10 months or so to go...mmm!
  • Yay, that's great news! Reflux is crap isnt it!
    Posy, Gabe had it and now he's 8 months and has recently outgrown it. He still has a bib on all day but that's cos of the dribble rather than the sick!! xxx
  • My travis is 18 weeks old and has reflux baby gav dont work for him, but doc prescribed sma staydown but they said he can only stay on it till 6mths but hes been weaned due to the reflux but ive tried putting him back on 1st milk but kept screaming and puking, so what will he go on after 6 months
  • Oh so there is hope. My warranty on my washing machine ran out last month and I need it mroe than ever now as it is constantly washing clothes(mine and his), sofa cushions etc. Also the gavisonc has done something to his poo so we have exploding nappies too, so I'm washing poopy clothes too. Oh the joy!!S x
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