Turning head whilst feeding

My LO is 9 weeks tomorrow and over the past few days he has started to keep turning his head from side to side whilst feeding. I presumed he wanted a break from feeding or was being nosey wanted to look about the room but he is still hungry and wants to feed. I have now resorted to just tr and keep the bottle in his mouth while he thrashes about. Has anyone else had this with their LO?


  • hi hun, my daughter has been doing this a month but not all the time, see does it mostly because she laughing at her brother or watching tv, i just keep the tv off and if she starts doing it i take bottle away till she starts drinking again x
  • I agree with mummy to 2, jack did this too i would turn of all distractions, and if he still does it, just take the bottle away and wait untill he wants it again, hell soon stop doing it! xxx
  • Definitely! My lo is so nosy! She is better now she is older, but I had to get rid of all distractions and sometimes try and hold her head still lol image She was a nightmare feeding if I was out in town!
  • Yes definately! Oliver is 5+1 and I was out today and had to feed him in morrisons cafe and it was a nightmare! He ended up only taking 3.5oz rather than 5 and that took me 45 mins as he was so bloody nose!!! xx
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