can half eaten yoghurt be kept?


iv just started giving my almost 6 month old muller little stars yoghurts, but they are quite big and he only eats about half. can i keep the left overs? if i put clingfilm over the pot and put it in the fridge, would that be ok? and how long can i keep it in the fridge for? 24 hours?

thanks ashy x


  • I think that if you take the amount of youghurt out of the pot that you need into a dish so that you are not double dipping its fine and it can be kept for 24 hours then but if you are feeding lo straight from the pot then no it would have to be thrown out.
  • I agree - if you were taking half the amount out before you'd begun feeding it to him then I (personally) would keep the other half in the fridge for up to a couple of days.

    But I wouldn't keep the rest of the pot if the spoon (which had been in his mouth) had been going in and out of it - dairy's the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
  • thanks ladies. that is what i will do from now on.

    ashy x
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