Quinny Buzz Help needed - asap!

I'm about to get a Quinny Buzz from mothercare now online as they're on offer. Some of your were saying you had problems with it? The straps weren't long enough etc...? Can someone tell me if this one is the lastest model 2008/09?? Thanks x x x



  • this is the one that i am selling hun,its the 2007 i think as this is a limited edition colour.My straps were too small but i bought extender straps for it.Mines on ebay at the mo im selling for ??100!! hope u n the girls r ok? xx
  • Hi, thanks hun what's your ebay ID? Evie is fine...a little menice as usual, but Kyra's a bit under the weather with a cold/teething/constipation! Poor wee mite! She's still trying her best to smile bless her! She's sleeping now so hopefully the rest will do her some good! x x x
  • graces teeth r driving her mad too shes got 2 now!! wish theyd give her a rest but shes still upset and has bright red cheeks.She bit me by accident yday when i was feeding her!she was upset with her teeth and gettin frustrated cuz my letdown was taking so long!! my ebay id is stuart19804 if you wanna take a look hunnie,iv only used it for about 6mths on and off as i have 2 pushchairs xxx
  • 250342118425 thats the item number xxx
  • Ur in Staffs? Where abouts hun, im in Stoke. Would be good if your close for pick-up. x x
  • im in stoke on trent too! near longton
  • That's about 5 miles from us, we're near Hanely off Leek New Rd!! We'll have to meet up somewhere! x x
  • gosh how mad is this!! i never knew you lived near!! are you interested in the buzz or did you want to buy a new one? xx
  • I know! lol You just assume everyone is far away. I had a word with oh and he said he'd rather get the new one for guarantee purposes...he's weird like that! Did you meet up with the North West mum's? When the xmas rush is over a get togther would be nice! x x
  • no i didnt know anything about it,did u? yes would be nice to meet up.If you get a new one id check the straps cuz they are really small and i had to writeto dorel and ask for the strap extenders.Also just so that you know the footmuff to the pink and orange one isnt available anywhere.What pram do you have at the mo? xx
  • Ollier2001 has been getting the mum's to meet up in Manchester, I think they did once before, and now they're meeting up again before xmas. I think the newer model has corrected the straps thing - if not, I'm sending it straight back, when I pay that much I expect it to be perfect! I am looking for the footmuff online now and it isn't anywhere! I'm watching yours on ebay!! We've got the mamas and papas Pliko P3 atm. It's still in good nick and I've got all the accessories for it, so I'm putting it on ebay too. Just fancied a change really and managed to pursuade oh to let me get one as he's not letting me having anymore babies - I want Kyra to have a nice pushchair. x x x
  • im like that too! i fancy a change so am selling mine.I was really annoyed that i didnt find everything perfect with it myself cuz they rnt cheap are they! i didnt realise the footmuff was so difficult to get hold of until a guy msged me on ebay and when i said i was lookin at about ??35 for it he told me to up my price cuz hed just payed ??45 and one was selling for ??65 on there!! how mad! im after a loola nxt!! xxx
  • I looked at the loonas in mothercare, i was quite interested as you can change the seat position and it looks quite comfy. It's just the weight that put me off as I'll be getting it in & out the car boot & it was a bit too heavy. x x x
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