i was just woundering who has a bumbo and what they are like? i'm thinking of getting ryan one as he does not seem to like to sit in his bouncer any more, and he always wants to be sat up.

thanx becki.xx


  • Hey,
    We loved the idea as our lo likes to be sat up straight from 4 months so we went to Mothercare and bought one. He's used it 4 times if that. He's now 5 and half months and arches his back to try and get out of it.
    If you're gonna get one I would find one second hand, borrow one from a mate or from ebay-don't waste the ??30 I did! xx
  • My friend has one for her daughter and says its one of the best things shes got, i'm thinking of getting one for Evie when shes bigger xxx
  • My lo LOVES his bumbo.... so much that he has another one at his Grans house, I would also get the tray too, my lo likes it when I just hook it on the top and not the bottom so he can take it off and try to chew it!
  • hi, my lo loves it- she will b 4mths nxt wk, she doesnt seem to like lying down ne more tho!!! lol. xxx
  • thanks all for your reply's, and thanks katie for telling me they are on sale.

    i will get one on tuesday when i go in to town.
  • hey, i got a prince lionhart bebepod from a charity shop for ??3 and its brill. had it since cameron was 4 months and he used to hate it. 2 mins and he'd be whining and arching his back. but now hes 6 months and has been throwing himself forward in his bouncer....he def isnt safe in it anymore so we'v started using the bebepod and he loves it now. i even sit him on the couch in it to feed him sometimes...though he does like to play jack in the box and sways from side to side while i try and get the food in! haha! KIDS! who'd have em?!
  • i have one for grace and thought shed love it as my older daughter had 1 and did but grace is sick everytime shes in it!she slouches forward so much and dosent sit right at all,maybe its just her tho!shes 7 1/2 mths and im considering selling mine! xxx
  • Dylan likes his, but he can get out of it (since about 4 1/2 months) so i always have the tray attached!! I've not long started weaning & found it useful to sit him in it for feeds as its much smaller than his high chair!

    Sarah xx
  • The first time I put Charlie in it, he was to little and coludn't hold himself.. few weeks later tried at a mates house


    & I had to wedge him in :lol: & jimmy him out! look at his legs in it! at 5 months there! I like the idea of them but glad I never bought one cause I just wouldn't of had any use out of it! x
  • Oh my goodness Charlie is gorgeous and chewing too. Alfie will not stop he's at anything these days. Quite liked his first biccy peg yesterday and he didn't manage to nibble much off it just cover it in spittle!!!x
  • yeah see his 'rosey' cheeks! you can feela tooth on his top gum but its not come thru yet! how old is Alfie? I am wondering about giving him finger food! x
  • Alfie is 24 weeks today or 6 months on the 17th July. Biccy pegs were reccommended to me by Step Mum and we tied the ribbon around his hand while he was sat in his highchair and he could quite happily put it in and out of his mouth. Totally loved it but would never leave him alone with it know what he's like. He puts his and our fingers so far down the back of his throat!! Finger food sounds good. Looking forward to toast and carrot sticks etc.
    We tried carrot today for the first time-not very popular at all! Will try again tomorrow!
  • Sorry Hun you did tell me the other day there was only a few days between them! I'll pic some of those up next time i'm at the shops! Ta for the info! x
  • We have biccipegs too - found them in Asda. Louise also had had cucumber sticks, carrot sticks and now toast! (she was july 12th)
  • i got one and ryan loves it.


  • We got a bebepod with tray and although cole hated the tray he liked the pod. I think they have a bit more room than bumbos and are a hell of a lot more sturdy - i've heard of lots of lo's coming out of bumbos but the pod never fell over despite cole arching his back and leaning right over several times. I wish i'd bought it when he was younger - it did him from about 4 months to 7 months and was fantastic when he went through a phase of refusing to go in his highchair!!

    my goddaughter is now loving it image
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