Constipation cures?

Does anyone have any advice on managing constipation? My little boy is nearly 7 months old. We started weaning just over a month ago and it was going really well. He has had hard poo occasionally but usually has had a normal poo later the same day. But for the past few days he's hardly been at all and when he does he's passing small 'logs' (sorry if too much info!) after alot of straining, crying and sometimes screaming. His appetite has really tailed off - strangely when we start a meal he's really enthusiastic but after a couple of mouthfuls (of food he's had before and I know he likes) he clamps his mouth shut and starts crying and screaming! Sometimes also straining in his chair so don't know if eating is giving him tummy pain because he's constipated. I don't really understand why he's struggling as he has loads of vegetables, and fruit with at least 2 out of 3 meals. I have just started introducing formula to replace a couple of breastfeeds as well so don't know if thats contributing. Anyway any tips greatly appreciated. We are having very disturbed nights as he is waking crying. He also has a cold and is teething just to add to his troubles poor thing! I've given him extra fruit in the last couple of days (that's pretty much all he will eat anyway) and we've even tried a few prunes but no great improvement. I hate to see him like this he's usually such a happy boy. Thanks x


  • I would recommend water with a little bit of brown sugar in it. I can't remember who told me, but apparently it helps with constipation.xx
  • prune puree! boil prunes with a little apple and puree!
  • Drinking some water, rubbing his tummy in circular motions or lifting his legs to a 90 degree angle while he's on his back? All these have worked for us. Even if our lo didn't poo straight away we found the rubbing tummy & leg lift let out a few farts & it eased it.

  • Thanks for your replies. He has has a full nappy tonight - hooray! - not usually so pleased to see a dirty nappy! The prunes,weetabix and pears he's had have finally worked! Just hope its not a repeated problem x
  • Its probably the formula that is doing it. Maybe you should consider changing to something that is specifically for constipation. I had to do that for my baby.
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