would u have bought??

hi ladies i just need some opinions please..........

after i had jack i bought a medela electric breast pump as i really wanted to express milk so dan could feed him too ....anyway i used it twice and hated how long it took for such small amounts so i didnt use it again ...anyway i wanted to use it this time but i have decided to formula feed sophia after a nightmare couple of days breastfeeding so now i dont need it ...but should i sell it ...do people buy them second hand???.......im not sure i would have done as it seems a little strange ....would or have any of u bought one scond hand??.........

it cost ??70 new and just seems silly to get rid of it if i could make a little but of money and someone else make good use of it ...what do u think ???????

lisa,jack and sophia grace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • i don't see why not ... as long as whoever buys it sterilises it before they use it then it should be fine. I bought mine from boots for ??15 but it was a boots own one cos i didnt wanna spend too much if i ended up hating it. have a look on ebay and see if anyone actually buys them. if so then i would go for it. xxxx
  • there are plenty of secondhand ones on ebay.

    I cant remember if mine was BNIB or 2nd hand, but i just sterilised it twice before i first used it, made sure it was clean to my standards and that was that...
  • ahh thanks ladies.....i have scrubbed it and sterilised it after using it and would do it again before selling it .....xxx
  • Hi i bought my medela swing on ebay used once i think, i just sterilized it a couple of times before the first use
  • i dont see a problem i cleaned then sterilized mine and gave it to my sister
  • I bought one of mine 2nd hand on ebay, then sold it again when I didn't like it! No worries at all about 2nd hand, after all you clean and sterilize it every time that you use it don't you! Only thing that puts some people off is if it's been owned by a smoker (the rubber is forever tainted), this would put me off.

    Corinna x
  • Grrrr double post

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  • ok well ive had a look on ebay and they fetch a good price ...colligreen i can totally understand people being put off by a smoker yack!!...lol...can u tell i hate it ... image ...thanks everyone ...now just to learn how to use ebay properly :lol: xxxxxx
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