Teething nappies?!

Sorry abuot this ladies but i'm unsure if my little man (10.5 months) is teethign or has a tummy bug!
Yesterday we have 4 runny, up the back nappies in the space of an hour and this mornign have woken up to another hideous one.
He is fine in himself. Has 2 teeth but thats it.
Do you think its just teething or something he's eaten?
We've got a christening tomorrow and i dont want to take him if its some kind of bug but done want to stay away if its just teehting. he is eating and drinkign fine.



  • its hard to know mrs as teething has similar symptoms to so many other things but a runny nappy is deffo a teething symptom. I would say if he is eating and drinking fine and fine in all other respects it is prob the teeth xx

    how r u doing any way xx
  • Really good thank you. I'm 8 weeks preg with no.2 so feeling shatttered most of the time!!! Waking up with morning sickness and vile nappies is not a good combo!lol
    How are you doing?
  • Can't help, but didn't know you are pg SLOW. Just wanted to say congratulations. xx
  • yeh...my lo is teething, had 2 teeth pop through this week and another one on its way!! he woke me at 5am to the most disgusting nappy, they have been like that for last couple of days xx
  • SLOW, we have only got 2 teeth and expecting more soon but we are having the most minging nappies i have EVER seen, and about 7 a day!!! took her to the docs and he said as they get older their stomachs start to adapt to eating different foods. so its either teething or that i expect!!
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