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High temperature and very sleepy....

Poor Louise seeems to be ill again!

I've been up with her since 5 am, when she woke crying and I could fel she was really hot. Annoyingley we couldn't find our thermometer but she's never felt that hot to touch before (head, back, tummy, neck all felt hot) so I stripped her down to her nappy and gave her calprofin (we think she's teething too).

She's not snuffly like she usually is with a cold. I went a bought a digital thermometer and her temp around 37 degree but sometimes it flashes red to say it's high.

Could the temp be down to teething? She's only been awake for about 3 hrs from 8.30 this morning at oinly 1hr at a time and is sleepy again now after waking about 50 mins ago.

We are lucky that our docs have appointments in the afternoon and we have an appointment at 4.50pm. We're ot sure whether to give her calpol now though as t could mask her symptons?

What would you do?



  • Hiya hun,
    Personally I would give her some calpol to get her temp down. You can always tell the doc you haven given it to her. Hope she gets better soon xxx
  • i wouldn't give her calpol again, like you say, might mask symptoms, but do try and keep her cool! my lo got very poorly when teething, then it would clear up, he seemed to have a cold but it would be gone the next day with the arrival of 2 teeth at a time so probably that, but always best to go docs so good you managed to get an appointment-good luck!

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