Mozzie bites

Hi My LO has got quite a few mozzie bites atm which are really bothering him......I have put aqueous cream on as advised by pharmasist.

He is 10 months old and she said he cant have piriton until he he is 12 months....

Soooo anyone know of anything else he can take at 10 months?



  • you can use calamine lotion, this helps ease mosquito bites or a natural remedy is to rub lemon balm leaves on the area to help relieve the itching

    are you defo sure they're mossie bites tho as its unusual for babies to get bitten by mosquitos??
  • claire a belle I just presumed they were (I have also been bitten) - He has 5 of them....all look like mozzie bites.....

    What kind of things look like mozzie bites but arent?
  • well the only reason I said this as I thought my lo had some mosquito bites last summer, on his legs, and I did some research and discovered they are rare in babes - something to do with their blood and mossies not liking it!!
    So I wondered what they could be too, anyway after some detective work I found out (I cringe everytime I say this) they were FLEA bites!! Lo was going to my sisters once a week and her cats had bloody fleas!!!! Bloody Sister!!!
    They look exactly like mosquito bites (but don't swell so much) and they itch like mossie bites too.

    but if he hasn't been near any cats then they probably are mosquito bites.

    what ever type of bite they are, calamine lotion will certainly help x
  • Ooooh interesting - we have a doggy but he def doesnt have fleas but we are around animals all the time.

    Ummmm my Nans cat is grotty....I might do some investigating! Didnt even give it a thought!

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