Weaning- how much is too much?

Hi everyone,

just looking for weaning advice really. I started weaning hannah almost 2 weeks ago when she was 5 months. She was so ready, all the signs and also not gaining weight - only 2 oz in a month. And I'm pleased to say she has taken to it really really well. After 3 days she was diving for the spoon and clearing the pot and has done every meal since. I started feeding once a day at lunch time and introduced a 5pm solid feed yesterday. But I'm worried I'm giving her too much. Today for lunch she had almost a full jar- only stopped as u was concerned she shouldn't have as much. Then for tea she had three large ice cubes of veg and one of pear. Again finishing the lot!! I've kept her breast feeding the same so not substituting milk for solids. Does this seem alot for a five and a bit month old?

Helen x


  • hi im not sure how much they should have tbh. we started weaning early on gp advice at 17 weeks and now lizzie is 25 weeks and is on 3 meals a day, fruit or yogurt for breakfast, veg puree and fruit puree for lunch and same for dinner. she also has 24 oz of milk a day x
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