Ruby has started being sick EVERYWHERE again!

Hi everyone,

I'm really hoping you can help.

Ruby has always been such a sicky baby, It would cover both of us and the floor too. She had a few other symptoms which made the doctors think she is lactose intolerant, so she is now prescribed SMA LF aspecial Lactose Free milk. There has still been now checks or tests done on her as her appointment is not for another 5 weeks. Within a day of using the LF milk she was much better but the past few days she's gone back to being really sick. She seems well in herself and is still smiling even when she's being sick! Strange child!

Has anyone else had this? Or can you tell me what I can do to help her?

Thank you,

Amy xx

Oh, Ruby's 14 weeks now xx


  • have the docs ruled out reflux? x
  • thats what i was going to say.. brooke had reflux and it sounds like that might be it.. x
  • No, that's not even been mentioned.
    Sorry to sound thick but what is it?!
  • its were the stomache valve is too immature to hold down the milk causing exceesive spit up! my lo has it, and although its not serious and he will grow out of it, it is v frustrating and stressfull harri is on infant gaviscon and another medicine called ranitidine. does ur lo have diarrhoea and sore bum alot plus cry with pain caused by tummy? xxx
  • She used to before switching the formula. She would scream for ages because of the pain in her tummy. She seems to be fine now though, well up until yesterday.
    I guess it could be reflux then. But don't know why it would have stopped when I changed the formula.
    Can I ask what milk your lo is on? And if you've tried any milks previous to that xx
  • My LO has reflux and is now on Cow and Gate comfort one. Its a heavier, thicker formula that stays down easier. She still sicks up but not as much as before.
  • Plus it stops her getting as much indegestion.
  • i tried loads of milks before a friend recomended aptimil and i swear by it it doesnt stop the sick but bring his wind up better and is so much more settled! the docs may start him on infant gaviscon.x
  • Ok thanks girls.
    It's such a nightmare isn't it.
    Did it get any better when you started weaning your babies, or are they not weaning yet?x
  • Matthew had reflux to which u know and he has got better with weaning! I hope u get some answers cos its awful isnt it? Matthew just cries all day long now and i cant figure out why!! xx
  • Hi Heather,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I was just about to message you on Facebook as I remember that Matthew had reflux.
    This 'Mummy' thing can be so hard sometimes hey!
    I think i'm going to buy a few cartons of Cow and Gate the normal one and see how she is. I don't want to keep her on the LF milk if she doesn't have to be. Also they don't do a hungry baby version and Cow and Gate do.
    She was up FIVE times last night! How ridiculous. She has been asleep for nearly 3 hours now, little monkey. It's getting so exhausting. I can see me starting on the baby rice before long. Should help with the sickness and also help with the night time feeds. Hubby is away training for Iraq at the mo so there's noone to do a 'night shift' for me! I really feel for single mums! xx
  • I have just started with baby rice (LO is 19 weeks). It does seem to help with reflux. It is worth seeing if Ruby is suffering with it but its still best to rule out lactose intolerence. When my brother was a baby he had both!
  • ah hun i hope she gets better soon, what a shame bet it's so distressing for you seeing her sick up her feeds. Alfie has just started waking again in the night after sleeping through for one week so i'm totally sympathetic as i'm having to do all the night feeds too with hubby working...and agree i take my hat off to single parents i honestly don't know how they do it.

    I've already bought the baby rice and as soon as we hit 17 week mark i'm starting him on it...gutted as he was 2 weeks late so really is 17 weeks now but hv said to go off actually birthday, just hope i'm not getting my hopes up too much and it doesn't make a difference.

    Big hugs to Ruby x
  • Poor Ruby & poor you hun, you must be exhausted. I'm glad she's still smiling though bless her. It does sound like reflux & perhaps early weaning from 17wks is for the best - i'd def talk to your HV about it and hopefully she'll start to improve xx
  • Hi girls, its great to hear from you!!
    I'll tell my HV about it on Friday, although she hasn't been much help so far. I've bought a few cartons of Cow and Gate 1 so will try her with the odd bottle today. If she goes back to how she was before, then i'll obviously stop. They say that the lactose thing isn't always permenant anyway. Some babies grow out of it by time weaning comes around, if not, by time they're toddlers.
    I hope the Cow and Gate does the trick though as she used to polish off the whole thing. I like the idea of the hungry baby version too as can hopefully put weaning off for a bit longer as she's still so young.
    Thank you guys! xx
    Oh... it was 5 times again last night. I look awful! I'm meant to be seeing the Queen tomorrow with Dean for his bravery thingy and am already dreading the photos!! Haha! xx
  • Ah poor ruby! I hope this milk works.

    I started weaning Matthew at 16 weeks, the odd spoonful of baby rice here and there! if she has a good nap today, make sure you get some sleep! xx
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