Teething and a temperature?

Can teething cause a temperature? Gabe is nearly 8 months and has 2 bottom teeth but I think he's cutting the top ones too. He's been hot all day - He has really really red cheeks and one of his ears is a bit red too, but I don't think it's an ear infection as he's not touching it or bothering too much, he has been very quiet today, not crying but not laughing either, kinda 'blank'. I'm a bit worried tbh! xx


  • Yeah it can. Evie is same at mo, 2 top teeth on way and she's been hot and had red cheeks. She's only been grumpy at bedtime though, typical!

    Hope he sleeps okay for you tonight.

  • It could be his teething..... Charlotte's been terrible with her top teeth as you know. Best to keep an eye on him though as it is easy to blame teething on everything!
  • Ditto the others!! Dylan's top two have just cut & his temp was slightly raised & it looked like i'd rubbed beetroot on his cheeks!! I usually use Anbesol & Nelsons Teetha, but at bedtime if he was particularly unhappy i'd give him Calpol which helps bring the temp down.
    Hope Gabe is good for you
    Sarah xx
  • Hello!
    I cant help much on the temperature I'm afraid as Nathans not been bothered in this way. But he does tend to get runny poo (cant spell diareahh lol) and has become a bit sicky after meals. Cant wait for them to come through as we're going through so many changes of clothes its getting silly!

  • Charlotte may have another top one coming thru (that's her 6th tooth in about a couple of months) and her poos past couple of days have been terrible. They stink awful and are very messy and she has a nasty nappy rash! No temp though!
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