Could my bad diet have caused LO's eczema?

Hi ladies,

Benjamin is 3.5 months and has had some dry patches since he was born, mainly on his face. They have been really little though & now have gone totally. About 3-4 days ago I noticed similar patches on his arms, so I started putting the diprobase on them that I was prescribed for his face. Anyway, today they're lots worse - nasty red patches all over one of his arms and a fair few on his other arm.

So I have two questions...

1) Could I have made them worse putting the diprobase on them? Or would they have gone red after starting off as dry patches anyway?


2) In the last week my diet's been pretty poo - normally we're fairly healthy, have our 5-a-day, drinking lots of water etc, but a mix of B going through a growth spurt so me being up 5x a night, having visitors and just being generally busy means that I've had my fair share of takeaways and micromeals - could this have caused the eczema to have suddenly worsened (I'm ex BFing)?

Sorry for such a long post!!


Ruth x
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