Lets keep it clean but.....

What's your favourite insult?
The other night when it was kicking off I was reading the posts and several times people made me laugh with the insults they used. Please star out any rude words or the post will get pulled, but what are your favourite insults, the more childish the better.

I like..
Arse Badger
Nob head &

P.S ( I am actually 12 :lol: )


  • I am so sorry but would probably offend with half of mine as they may contain a few words that i know loads of people dislike! My husband is normally the one to hear them when he is being a knob!!! xx
  • i always say to sean "u big gay" lol also "kiss my hoop" is a favourite at the moment :lol: ! x
  • Ha ha, good post!
    I always find C*ck Knocker and Knob Jockey to be quite satisfying esp if someone annoys me when I am driving!
    When my hubby is in a bad mood I call him Happy Pills and it winds him up so much!
  • Teee heee this is fab! Bear in mind I am a Primary school teacher so I do spend the majority of my time with little people!!
    Poo head
    Arse face
    Oh says I add fat to the front of any insult i.e fat head, He also says I say 'Are you in a mood?' he says no and my response is 'Well tell your face!' not sure where I got that from-thinking Alan Carr maybe!!
    Love this xx
  • Cock muncher, nob jockey, fu*kface.....


    Feel all silly!!!!!

  • Am with you on the first one Queen Bee!!! I can be very foul-mouthed & will have to learn to curb it as Dylan gets older!!
    LOVE some of the other ones!!
  • My oh would like it to be known that his favourite insult is cum bucket. :lol:

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  • QB that is my favourite but never around the kids and only when needed.

    Everyone dont hate me but my favourite one is when i am driving and got hubby in car and if someone cuts me up or something and wears glasses i do call them a four eyed something(depends how bad it is) not cos i have got anything against it but because i wear them too and my oh thinks i am stupid so i do it to whind him up and embaress him. Sorry for anyone that wears them its only cos i wear them too!! xx
  • w%nk biscuit , gerbil jostler, arse monkey, sweaty fat f*ck , and my dad banned me from calling my brother a penis so now we have to call him a tallywhacker
  • My cleaner ones are wanky bollocks, vaggie face, cockmunch. I also like the C word, but hubby hates it. xxx
  • OMG I'm laughing so much I've nearly wet myself, damn those pelvic floors! My faves are knob jockey, c*ck block, arse badger and wazzock though I may have to try some of the other ones out now!!!!!
  • Zoe31, the couple who bought our house were called mr and mrs wazzock, hehe. xxx
  • Nooooooo, that's just such an unfortunate name. I'd have been in absolute stitches if I was you!!!
  • haha love this post! im a fan of the c.u.n.t. and "your a f*ucking c*ock ring!!!" xxx
  • ohh im mild then,lol my usual is "stop bein a tit"
    or if im really peed off " jog on toss pot"
    i must point out that im single now otherwise it would (and has) be much much worse!
  • IMO nothing beets a good tosser!! Im also fond of c*ck munch, Gay lord, knob head and [email protected], i had a friend once whos favourites were c*nty B*ll*cks and hemlet!! lmao! xxx
  • Omg I would love to teach you all Polish insults image there is so many and you can go on for 5 miuntes without repeating one word twice . and they ar really funny too. Dont get me started !haha image
  • c*&k knocker and D&*k nose are faves of mine! x
    funny post bedhead, wish i had had a wee before i read it!! x
  • i love the c word and fanny dribble is a nice one i call my oh in a play slanging match!
    Macey is now picking up words but i cant seem to stop HELP!!!
  • this is such a naughty post! You are all suppsed to be ladies! Anywhoo........ we have really curbed our bad language coz of the boys but a couple of favourites - sh*tc*nt (OH) and toss pot and d*ckwad
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